Milk Suite v0.3 (4 Widgets: Weather/System/Media/Album Art)

I got the idea for this set of widgets from the Konfabulator DesktopWeather Widget for OSX.

As you can see, the drawer opens and closes at the click of a button.

This is my most advanced set of widgets to date and is the only widget (to my knowledge) that requires NO editing of ini files and is completely configurable from within the running widget!

1) Torsius from Samurize for creating the excellent Weather 2004 plugin and the Location Finder script.

2) Tropics from Samurize for creating the AMPI plugin.

3) The creator of the winamp control executable (I'm not sure where exactly I downloaded this, but if you know who created it, let me know).

4) Localhost for the iTunes Control exes.

5) The creator of the original Konfabulator Weather widget.

6) Simon from for providing hosting.

7) Lastly, to everyone that helped bring about this release: beta-tester (Kurt, Pe7er, Buddyd16 and Rage), skinners (Pe7er and Rage).

The Milk Suite v.02 proved incompatible with the latest release of Samurize (1.4x), in particular, the media widget has been throwing up errors.

You must have at least Samurize 1.41 and the latest Windows Scripting Host (currently 5.6) installed for the widgets to work correctly.


I have replaced the two former downloads (lite/full version) with a link to the lite version of Milk Suite v0.3 and a link to the Stardock Weather PNGs.

If you don't already have a set of weather images then please download the separate weather images (pngs) and place them in the "\Samurize\Skins\Milk Suite\KonWeatherXML\images\" folder.

Milk Suite v0.3 Lite (475kb)
Stardock Weather PNGs (1.1mb)



Please follow the instructions thoroughly, if there are any points that you don't quite understand then I'll be happy to help.

1) Extract the folder 'Milk Suite v0.3' to your desktop.

2) Next, double-click the 'Installation.vbs' file. Wait until a window is displayed informing you that installation is complete.

You will see four shortcuts appear on your desktop: System, Weather, Media & Album Art. You can copy these shortcuts to whatever location you wish.

THESE SHORTCUTS HAVE MAGICAL POWERS AND MUST BE USED FOR THE WIDGETS TO WORK CORRECTLY. Loading Samurize from the start menu and manually selecting the config files won't work.


Further Setup (Weather)

When you click the 'Milk Suite v0.3 Weather Widget' shortcut for the first time, you will need to localise your weather settings:

1) Click the large weather image on the widget.

2) Type in your city and country/state e.g. 'Paris, France' or 'Miami, Florida'.

3) Depending on what you typed into the previous box a list of possible locations is displayed, type in the corresponding Location ID e.g. if you typed 'Miami, Florida' into the previous screen, you would type in 'USFL0316'.

4) Select your units of measurements: 'M' (Celcius) or 'S' (Fahrenheit).

Note: On changing to a new skin you will need to re-localise your weather settings.

Further Setup (Media)
Similar to configuring the Weather widget, click the large media icon and choose which media player you wish to use.

Further Setup (Skins)

The skins control is located in the System widget. Clicking the large icon on the system widget displays the current skins installed on your computer.

To choose a different skin, type in the corresponding value of the skin e.g. if you want to use the milk skin type in '1' and for the Black skin type in '2'.

To control the size of the widget download file I've left in only two skins. You can download different skins below. If you wish to submit a skin contact me here.

Additonal Skins

To install a skin, unzip the folder contained in the zip to the desktop and double-click the installation.vbs file within. Once installed, you can change to the new skin by following the instruction in the above section.

Note: On changing to a new skin you will need to re-localise your weather settings.


Jet Black inspired by Swizcore