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My name is Sheelagh Neuling and I have many years' experience as a
translator, offering translations from German into English. I can also act
as interpreter deutsch/englisch for specific projects. I offer German -
English translations
of all types, can help you with selecting suitable
advertising text for German language websites, deal with your foreign
language business translation and personal correspondence needs. If you
have material of a technical nature to be translated please contact me at
neuling translations and arrange to send me a sample of text.

business - medical - technical - legal texts - personal correspondence - pensions & insurance paperwork - certificates - references - small print

reliable work
attention to detail
prompt turnaround

• Do you want phone calls to Germany conducted on your behalf?
• Do you want help filling in forms?
• Do you have certificates that need translating into English?
• Has someone sent you pages of small print in German?
• I can do you a quick summary of the text and then you decide if you want to have more of it translated.

Can you turn this...

...into straightforward text

Georg August Böhm.
Sohn der Eheleute Friedrich Böhm, Direktor der Schaumweinfabrik Wachenheim, und Emilie Mathilda geb. Leonhardt, in Wachenheim wohnhaft
ist ausweislich des Geburtsregisters am 1. Februar 1879 zu Wachenheim

...and then put it into English?

Birth certificate of Georg August Boehm,born 1st February 1879 in Wachenheim, son of sparkling wine maker Friedrich Boehm and his wife Emilie Mathilde Boehm (née Leonhardt) of Wachenheim.

Well, I can.

Can you turn this ...

back into this...

Now that I can’t do either.


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Anglo-German Translation Services

25 Grand Avenue
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Tel: 0208 365 3778

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