Association of Waterloo Groups


Members of the Association of Waterloo Groups (AWG) at the Annual General Meeting held on 27 March 2012 approved appointments to the Board of Trustees: Jean Chandler; Aziz Islam; Maureen Mills; Ray Puckey; Rosa Wright; Tony Mills and David Toothill.


The next AGM will be Monday 2nd September 2013 in the rear hall of the Waterloo Action centre, 14 Bayliss Rd SE1.


The Association of Waterloo Groups (AWG) at Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA

Telephone: 020 7928 9662


Beginnings - 1972/1973: Volunteer local residents take on the street stall in Lower Marsh at the corner of Waterloo Road on Saturdays to give information on welfare and tenants' rights - in front of a public library building of the Victorian era that has been closed and remained empty and largely derelict for a decade. The rising community awareness and the formation of tenants' and residents' associations brings community voices into action and the Multi-Service Group is in a process of transformation into an emerging Association of Waterloo Groups (AWG).

Early history - 1973: Permanent location: The emerging AWG, with the help of ward councillors Pam Verden and Peter Lane, gains access to the empty library building on a peppercorn rent from Lambeth Council and with initial funding for urgent repair. Local people are consulted on changes to the building, with local effort and fundraising and public grants contributing to phased renovation and creation of more meeting spaces. The formalised AWG (1974) is recognised by the local authority as a neighbourhood council. 

Links - AWG was the founder of the project that became the Waterloo Action Centre,  is a founder member of WaCoCo(Waterloo Community Coalition),  supported the creation of the Bangladeshi Community Group (BCG) and other local groups, and initiated the current Happy Bus Pass Outings.

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Telephone 020 7928 9662 (principally between 10am and 3pm or leave message on answering machine).