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With increasing overhead costs demanding that every square foot of office space be put to optimum use, the need for efficient record management is becoming more and more important.

Legally businesses have an obligation to store certain documents for between 6-12 years, in some case indefinitely and also to make them available for inspection if requested.  Managing an archive of this type places large demands on business, in terms of space and staff management time. This obviously diverts energy away from the provision of space and facilities for core business activities.

Protecting Your companies data by backing up data is an essential precaution however where and how you store that information is just as important. By utilising an offsite disaster recovery plan should the worst happen at your site then you information can be quickly reinstalled and your business online again in the minimum of time. We have arrangements for daily and weekly collection and exchange programmes at very low cost giving you peace of mind that your data is protected and secure.

Key Benefits

bulletAllows office space to put to more effective use.
bulletReduce storage overheads and staff management costs.
bulletUncluttered work space gives a more professional and pleasant work environment
bulletOrganised document storage minimises lost data.
bulletEssential for company disaster recovery programmes.      



We offer a confidential family run local business to ensure personal contact and a quality service.  Wether you are a multi National Company or a small Private individual who needs more storage for a home office we have the ability and experience to tailor a solution for your needs and budget. Our modern premises have the facility to cater for a range of data from paper documentation and computerised data to specialised fire proof containers.

Secure and confidential service with local family values.
       Competitive rates without compromising on quality or confidentiality.
Modern premises able to cater for a wide range of storage requirements.
Range of collection and retrieval services to suit your needs.

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