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Most files stored at Archives Express UK are in archives boxes.  Archives express UK has its own range of archive boxes in a variety of sizes to cater for a range of uses, these can be supplied from stock as part of our service.

 All archive box storage is on purpose built racking designed so that boxes are kept at a minimum of six inches off the floor.  To minimise compression damage over long periods of storage, boxes are stacked two high on each shelf. Archives Express UK data boxes due to their inherent strength are stored 3 high.  The flexibility of our storage system allows us to store irregularly sized items if necessary for which quotations are available on request.  The unique reference code and a random storage location for each box adds an additional level of security to boxes in storage.  Only trained personnel are able to access storage locations and references, utilising the computer system.

All storage items are retained in our safe, secure, controlled premises.  Clients have unrestricted access to their documents through a range of collection and retrieval services, with on call 24 hours a day for documents required outside of our normal working hours.

 Our premises are protected internally by security alarms which are connected to a control centre which immediately notifies the police should the alarm be triggered.  External protection is provided by 24 hr CCTV with security lighting. 

 Fire protection is provided by detection equipment conforming to BS5839.  A stringent no smoking policy is implemented by the company.  Additionally no persons are permitted in the storage area with smoking or inflammable materials. 


Key Benefits

bullet Individual packages to suit your needs with an appropriate storage option and duration period.
bulletOrganised Managed data storage ensures efficient and economic file location.
bulletSecure storage for disaster recovery programmes.


bulletWe can accommodate a variety of storage media from Standard archive boxes to computer terminals
bulletFlexible storage options mean the storage options are endless
bulletFire proof data containers available for disaster recovery programmes
bulletPalletised storage options
bulletNo long term contract requirements, minimum required term 1 month.

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