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As part of our service to clients we can offer the secure destruction of documents, saving on the costs of storing material longer than necessary. 

When archive material arrives at our premises all relevant information is entered on the box along with the option of a destruction date.  Before the destruction date is reached our computer system will alert us to the imminent approach of the destruction date at which point the customer is notified. 

The customer may choose to have the box returned to them or sign a destruction confirmation to instruct us to shred the documents at our premises.  Confirmation that the box has been securely destroyed will then be sent to the client.  The issue of an individual certificate of destruction is available on request.

Archives Express UK understand that due to the nature of document storage in archive boxes we are in a position to use large quantities of paper and cardboard, in the services offered to our clients.  Which is why, as part of our commitment to minimising the impact on the environment we strive to source and use either recycled products or products which are 100 % recyclable. We would encourage our clients to do the same as part of a commitment to reducing the impact businesses have on the environment.  All waste paper is recycled.

Key Benefits

bulletEfficient Archive management
bulletEconomic - Only storing what is required
bulletComply with legislation on document storage periods

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