Darkening Echoes

“An entertainment with a glamorous gloss and a good twist at the end.” Sunday Telegraph.

“A witty, hugely enjoyable and confident debut.” The Times.


Kensington Court

“Skilfully sustains the suspense until the closing pages”. The Times.

“Draws you in and will have you racing through the final pages for the brilliant, twisting climax.” Company.

“Good characterisation and atmosphere keep things scary.” Mail on Sunday.

Kensington Court had a chill factor of 10.” Options.


Double Exposure

“Totally fascinating.” Express on Sunday.

“A hugely enjoyable book”. Woman & Home.


Family Reunion

“Full of action, twists and surprises, this intricate suspense story offers a fascinating take on the nature of family ties.” Good Housekeeping.

“The end left me so scared I had to sleep with the light on.” Woman’s Journal.


Unfinished Business

“If a pacy thriller is your thing, Unfinished Business will suit you to perfection...an addictive read.” Sunday Express.

“A thriller which certainly keeps you turning those pages...gripping right to the end.” Daily Mail.

‘An addictive read' Sunday Express


Advance praise for Hidden Agenda

'An unputdown-able thriller. Celebrating female friendship, and pointing at how jealousies can poison life and lives, Carol Smith holds the reader in her grasp from start to finish, and gives us compelling psychological insights on the way' Julia Neuberger

'A gripping and beautifully constructed story' Elizabeth Buchan

'This is both a thriller - I was hooked by the very first page - and a gripping story about the power of female friendships' Marika Cobbold


Readers’ Comments:

‘…all brilliant. If I had to choose a favourite, perhaps Grandmother’s Footsteps which I sat up till 4 a.m. to finish, too scared to switch off the light.’ Cynthia, Bucks.

‘I would recommend your books to anyone who enjoys suspense and a good murder mystery in an easy to read novel form.’ Hilda, Hallett’s Cove, S. Australia.

‘Your books are the best I have read in a long, long time; so up to the minute.’ Gillian, British Columbia. Canada.

‘Darkening Echoes is so damned clever in its construction.’ Joyce, Swansea.

‘I tried Family Reunion and haven’t looked back since. They are all really good and all different.’ Dot, Worcester.

‘I finished Double Exposure in less than a day and really enjoyed both the characters and plot.’ Derek, Wellington, New Zealand.

‘I love your books. They are engaging and different.’ Roshi, San Francisco.

‘I do wish I could meet some of your characters. I am hooked.’ Rosemary, UK.

‘Fatal Attraction gripped me from the very first page. Thank you for opening up a whole new world of reading.’ Val, UK.

‘Fatal Attraction is making my vile tube journey bearable.’ Colin, London.

‘I particularly like the London settings’ Geoff, London suburbs.

‘Your writing is so vivid and real. The characters are realistic and believable.’ Jean, UK.

‘I read Without Warning in one greedy gulp.’ Anthony, Johannesburg.

‘I feel I know the women in the story.’ Vicki, Edinburgh.

‘Fatal Attraction would make a great film. Shame Bette Davis isn’t still around.’ Nick, Kew.

‘Once I start your books, I cannot put them down. I have missed my tube stop a couple of times.’ Christina, Pinner.

‘After the first reading of Darkening Echoes the book took on a further life of its own. Literally, you were the talk of San Jose del Cabo.’ Sandra, Mexico.