The brutal murder of golden girl, Jinx McLennan, early one Sunday in her exclusive Kensington house, shocks the neighbours and triggers a police inquiry that delves deeply into her colourful past. Single, childless, Jinx nevertheless had it all – brains, popularity, her own successful business, plus a wide-ranging network of lovers and friends. Closest of all were her own small design team, the surrogate family who’ve been with her from the start; devoted, long-suffering Dottie and her artist husband, Sam; gentle, reliable Ambrose, the team’s backbone; Wayne, the zany trainee with the outrageous lifestyle; and Serafina, hot on the fast track, who wants everything Jinx had, but now. Plus millionaire genius, Damien Rudge, the goose who lays their golden eggs. The trail goes cold until, in a shock revelation, it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. The wrong person has been murdered. Out there somewhere is still a crazed killer with unfinished business who will have to kill again.