If you would like to link to my site I have provided the following two banners.

These site's I go to regularly visit, or have useful information.
The Games Workshop Homepage
Games Workshop Gaming Club Network Homepage.
Useful for finding a club in your local area.
The Black Library
The publishing wing of Games Workshop.
Bobby Wong's glorious site. This Slayer Sword winner's pages have some fantastic pictures including the Blood Angels that got Bobby the 2001 Golden Deamon Slayer Sword.
If you want to build scenery this is the site to go to. Some brilliant ideas from both the site author's and submissions from other gamers.
Hobby's Modelling Supplier
An excellent modelling supplier.

Exile Films
This site has a load of information about the Bloodquest Film that was under production, but is currently on hold.

A very useful site for Games Workshop rumors.

Bolter and Chainsword
For a different type of 40K forum. Some good advise and people on this board.

A great place to get tools for your website.