The PC program WordSolverUK (Version 6.0) is a must for those people who love words, crosswords and other such delights but always have one or two clues that completely baffle them. Is it me or do other people decide that the best option is to sit with the dictionary and go through everything beginning with F! Luckily for me WordSolverUK is designed to find the answer in seconds instead of hours. Crossword

WordSolverUK uses a dictionary which contains approx. 670,000 words and phrases and has a built in Thesaurus with over a million cross references. Using this dictionary and the Thesaurus, the program will find all those words with the letters that you have available, unscramble anagrams and find common phrases in the blink of an eye.

In addition, there are now Major Rivers, Capital Cities, Lakes, Mountains, Monarchs, Prime Ministers (UK), Presidents (USA), Shakespearean Characters, Trees, Composers (classical), Painters, Poets, Volcanoes, Birds, Flowers, World Cities, Mythology, Chemical Elements, Seas, Planets, Nobel Prize winners, Dog Breeds and No. 1 hits in the uk pop charts from the 1950's onwards included to help with puzzles etc.

There is now a dictionary as well.

WordSolverUK is the copyright of Ó Graham D. Allen 2000-2017.

Samira Graham: Author and Writer

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