Gurdeep Hansra (British) is the founding director of Hansra investments Limited. An Economics graduate from Cardiff University, he was recruited during 1988 by Enskilda Securities to help develop their proprietary equity trading. He was elected to ‘Partner’ in 1992 and appointed Global Head of Equity and Derivatives Trading in 1993. As a member of Enskilda Securities’ Management Committee he was influential in helping to develop Enskilda Securities’ investment banking strategy, becoming Global Head of Equities in 1995 prior to establishing Enskilda Securities Capital Management.

Enskilda Securities Capital Management was an independent business entity within Enskilda Securities AB, having been established by Gurdeep Hansra and Enskilda Securities in May 1996. It was founded to develop its own investment management techniques, whilst establishing a quantifiable investment performance. Capital Management’s products and portfolios involved alternative investment strategies, utilising predominantly European equity and equity related financial instruments.

Gurdeep Hansra resigned from Enskilda Securities Capital Management during the summer of 2000 with the specific intention of establishing Hansra investments Limited.