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Archaeological excavations and fieldwork at
Pyrgos tis Reginas

Would you like to take part in the 2001 season?


What's on offer.

The chance to join a fully accredited dig in Cyprus run by fully experienced and qualified archaeologists. If you want to improve your knowledge and skills in archaeology - and enjoy yourself whilst doing it, you may join the students from Trinity College on site. No special skills are necessary and all you need bring is enthusiasm, suntan lotion, a hat, your personal gear and a trowel.

The location of Pyrgos tis Reginas 

Pyrgos tis Reginas is a small monastic site situated on the Akamas peninsula in North West Cyprus, not too far from both Paphos and Polis. The site lies in a valley bottom at the head of a deeper gorge, which eventually leads to the coast. Even in summer, large trees shade elements of the site and the gorge itself has continuous running water. Situated just inland from the Baths of Aphrodite, the site is regularly visited by walkers who follow the Adonis Nature trail, which passes next to the site. The site itself, therefore, lies in an area of outstanding beauty, which contains an abundance of natural flora and fauna as well as a wealth of interesting archaeological sites. The Akamas peninsula is soon to be designated as the first National Park in Cyprus. The excavations at Pyrgos tis Reginas are the only excavations currently permitted within the Akamas area by the Cypriot Department of Antiquities.