Bespoke kitchens available exclusively at J & B Willbrook.

Create your very own

perfect kitchen...

Each of our locally hand made kitchens are designed and built for an individual house for an individual customer.

With a bespoke kitchen there are no boundaries!

Configuration of standard unit sizes, awkward corners or that hard to fill little gap can all be easily overcome.

Freestanding furniture can also be made to complement and complete “the look”.

Every kitchen carries the distinctive “boulder” trademark which can either be visible or discreetly placed according to preference.

The kitchen will be made just for you so it takes a little time and it costs a little more but it will be totally unique.

We also have a selection of sample doors in solid oak, but again these are only ideas for inspiration.

If there is a style you are looking for then talk to us and we will work with you to achieve your dream.