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There are 2 walks a year, one in Larkfield and the other around East Malling.
The next is scheduled around East Malling Sunday 20th March 2011,
look out for the poster.

Grey skies - no worries to these walkers
The grey skies are no deterrent to the impending walk, that took part in March 2010

The annual walks around East Malling and Larkfield, usually in March and October, last about two hours. They are led by David Thornewell, and are welcome for all to take part.


Annual Parish Walk: a great success

A lively group of Sunday walkers and committed, regular ramblers assembled on Sunday 16th October 2011 at East Malling church for the Annual Parish Walk, led by Chairman of the Parish C
ouncil, Cllr. David Thornewell. An excellent opportunity to meet old friends, strike up conversations with complete strangers and explore the highways and byways of the district, the walk has now become something of a local institution.
Enjoying bright, mild weather, the party followed tracks and pathways from Four Acres to Oaken Wood, and into Sweets Lane, enjoying panoramic views of the village and the Medway Gap. We also gained an impression of the extent to which local woodland would be lost if plans to build a new quarry receive government approval. Although quarrying is a traditional Kentish industry, and local people need local jobs, the fact is that we have a beautiful area of ancient woodland which deserves to be preserved for future generations. As we enjoyed the comforting stillness of the trees, it seemed that everyone was of one mind: the woods must be saved.
At one point (Sweets Lane) the walkers were stopped in their tracks by two young lads from a farmhouse who were very keen to inform us about the free pears to be enjoyed at the farm! A welcome distraction on a very pleasant journey through the locality. Well done to David Thornewell for leading the party!

(Picture taken by Cllr. Stuart Millson)


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