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Down to Earth ----

2nd world war artist paints East Malling

The British painter, Evelyn Mary Dunbar (1906-1960), may not be terribly well known.
She was one of the few women during the last war to be commissioned as an official war artist, and served the country and community by creating a record of the lives of ordinary people during the conflict. In 1944, the artist painted a scene of members of the Women's Land Army, toiling in the orchards of East Malling - a painting, which today, hangs in Manchester's Art Gallery. The Maidstone Art Gallery also exhibits one of her paintings, another orchard scene, entitled: Autumn and the Poet. The artist had a lifelong interest in the countryside and agrarian themes, and is considered to be an early advocate of ideas which later became associated with the Green/conservation movement.
(submitted by Stuart Millson)

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