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   Educational Resource - Introduction
This page is designed to show how the museum and our web site can help teachers deliver National Curriculum topics from KS1 to KS4 and above. Toys can form the subject of a project that can be used in all manner of ways in National Curriculum topics.

Please remember that toys can be studied not only for social history but also for other National Curriculum topics. Some examples are:
Maths - from basic counting and mental arithmetic to calculating speeds and ratios. and there is even a dragon hunt for the very young.
Physics - how do motors, levers and engines such as mechanical gears, steam, clockwork or electric work. Geography - where in the world have they come from, when did they come and why.
Design Technology - the museum has exhibits which can provide lots of ideas for designing, constructing and using different materials, mechanisms, etc.

The museum and its web site are valuable resources of information and pictures for both you and your students to use. Children will gain experience in using a mouse to navigate around the website.

As part of our outreach programme, the museum can come into schools to give talks and demonstrations. There is a charge for this which would be dependent on distance and availabiity of staff. This service is not available in July August and September. For details, ring Hilary on 01559 370428 or email to info@toymuseumwales.co.uk.

The worksheets are our suggestions for you. Use them either as they stand or - if these do not quite meet your requirement - you can modify them or make your own.

Students are welcome to bring a packed lunch, although we do have hot snacks and hot and cold drinks available.

Further benefits for students include our period costume and textiles gallery and our Twentieth Century Time Line displays. Teachers may also wish to take advantage of our 20 seat period schoolroom equipped with slates, blackboard and a fine array of vintage school equipment.

Our museum has excellent access to and within buildings. See the access statement (on the 'General Information' screen of our website.)

We also have our Health and Safety risk assessment, a copy of which can be provided on request.

We advise that, if possible, a member of staff visit the museum for a tour of the facilities and exhibits in order to plan a successful school visit. No charge is made for this.

Topics from KS1 to KS4 as 'Toys' can be used in all manner of ways in National Curriculum topics.

Images suitable for KS 1 to colour at home or school.
These are also good material for studies at later key stages

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

List of Image sheets with details of toy

CS 1 Fill in the letters to find the toy
CS 2 Fill in the letters to find the toy

KS 2 Materials
KS 2 Movement

KS 3 Materials
KS 3 Movement

KS 4 Methods of toy manufacture