Our Story
by Mary Price
ed Eleri Price

A captivating love story

Our Story

This true story spans nearly a century, taking us from the depression in the Potteries to pre-war Oxford University, war-time schools and post-war London. We see a world torn apart by war and how it was brought back together again. Through Mary, the Oxford tennis blue, and Rees, the talented Welsh full-back, we have the opportunity to experience Welsh hill farm life during a period when there was constant economic upheaval and nothing was certain.
This autobiography weaves a tale of love and loss, hope and family and most importantly an unrelenting determination to make the best of what life throws at you.

"When I started reading and editing this book, I was unwittingly caught off guard by the depth of love that came pouring from the pages when Mary writes of Rees.
I knew the book would be interesting for me, it being a first hand account of many major events in Britain during the twentieth century and me being a history student but I was not prepared for a love story.
The most romantic aspect of this love story is that it was so ordinary and within one's grasp. It is not an epic romance in the style of Paris and Helen of Troy, where battles must be fought before love can blossom. It does not have the glamour of class warfare or distance demonstrated in literature like Doctor Zhivago.
But that clearly does not make the love any less deep or take away from its longevity. They didn't face huge hurdles in the way of their relationship and any obstacles they met were resolved together.
They were simply two people who loved each other and devoted themselves, quite sensibly, to that love." Quote from the editor's epilogue

About the Author
Mary Price nee Ness was born in Darlington in 1916. She was a student in Oxford during the thirties and then became a geography teacher. She taught at schools in both Blackpool and Redditch during World War Two and it was in Redditch that she met Rees, her husband, who was a PE teacher and was in the Royal Navy during the war. They taught in London and subsequently moved to the Amman Valley in South West Wales and took over a hill farm. Mary continued to teach in various schools in the area as well as raising their two children, Martin and Margaret.
She wrote A Modern Geography of Wales which was published in English and Welsh in the 1970s and became a standard text in Welsh schools.

Mary wrote this autobiography during the 1980's and 1990's in order for her grandchildren to understand their family history. What she produced gives us an insight into an extraordinary century through the eyes of an extraordinary person. Mary died in 2005 and her book was edited by her youngest granddaughter, Eleri Price, who studied history at Edinburgh University.


Publication Date: 1 Mar 2011 ISBN 978-1-905979-02-8

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