The Medical Equipment Dictionary

This is the online version of a book of the same title first published in 1986:
Chapman and Hall Ltd. London  ISBN 0412 28290 9
Chinese language version 1992 ISBN 7 5618 0387-7

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For courses in the Liverpool UK on Safety Standards for Medical Electrical Equipment.  The third edition of the 601 Standard was published in the UK in 2006, and so future courses will reflect these changes, and also reflect the proposal in the the IEC62353 Standard on routine testing

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Malcolm Brown, (editor)
Paul Hammond 
Anthony Johnson

Editor's current address:

Dept. of Clinical Engineering
Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Liverpool L7 8XP
United Kingdom

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This dictionary was begun on the basis of the inventory of medical equipment maintained for Liverpool Health Authority, to provide a brief description of all the items in use. However, the list has been extended with the aid of the reference works listed at the end of the book, and also as a result of comments received from readers of the draft text.

The object has been to provide rudimentary information about equipment which may be found in hospitals, and in medical research and teaching institutions. It is intended to be useful to all those concerned with the use, servicing, or purchasing of medical and scientific equipment.

There are many common terms and trade names which are used for medical equipment. These have only been included where we have found that the terms are frequently used, or, in the case of trade names, that the term is used to refer to a general type of equipment rather than just a single model. The descriptions of equipment are meant as a guide, and are not definitive specifications.

It is impossible to cover every item of equipment, and in any case, development, invention, and change in medical practice make it difficult to be truly up to date. Comments and suggestions, or information about difficulties in identifying equipment, will be gratefully received. 

Malcolm Brown


This dictionary is intended as rough guide and the authors and publishers will accept no responsibility for damage resulting from the use of this information.  Readers are should check any information they wish to use.

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