Harbury Folk Club Choir

Last updated: 12 February 2018

Who are the Folk Club Choir?

The Harbury Folk Club Choir currently numbers 15 singers - 9 women and 6 men.  The thing we have in common is that we have all performed at Harbury Folk Club as singers and/or musicians.  Unlike most choirs, we don’t have a conductor and we provide our own musical accompaniments, using a wide variety of instruments, usually in a folk style.  Our repertoire ranges from medieval to contemporary, including some folk songs, and we usually sing in 4-part harmony.  In the weeks before Christmas time each year, the Choir is augmented by extra singers as we prepare our contributions for Harbury's Christmas Eve Carol Service.

Harbury Folk Club Choir photo
The Folk Club Choir for All Seasons
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History of the Choir

The Harbury Folk Club Choir began when the Folk Club was invited to participate in the Harbury Church Christmas Eve Carol Service back in 1987. A small group of people took up the challenge and sang two Christmas songs - in folk style - that year. It has happened every year since and the choir has grown considerably both in size and competence.

In 2004, the Choir decided to put together a concert of some of the songs that had been sung over the years, and we asked a friend to record it for us, enabling us to produce a CD the following year. That concert, and the subsequent CD sales have enabled us to donate over 1000 to Harbury Church and the Leamington Christian Mission.  In 2009, we did it all again with a different programme, only this time using Harbury Parish Church to accommodate a much bigger audience. 

Concert in Harbury Church, December 5th, 2009

Our concert in December 2009 in Harbury Church

Since 2006, we have continued practices (with a slightly smaller choir) outside the Christmas season to build up a repertoire of songs, mainly a cappella, to be sung at any time of year and for all types of occasions.  We are always happy to consider invitations to entertain new audiences.


The Harbury Folk Club Christmas Choir has produced two CDs.  Our first CD, 'A Christmas Celebration', was recorded at a concert in 2004 and copies are still available at just 5 each.  In 2009, the Choir recorded a second CD of Christmas songs and carols at a concert in Harbury Parish Church. This CD, entitled 'Shades of White' is available priced at 8 each, or 7 each for orders of two or more.  All proceeds from CD sales will go to our two nominated charities - Harbury Church and Leamington Christian Mission.  If you would like to order our first and/or second CDs, please click here to send an e-mail to Harbury Folk Club.

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