Major Oak

How it was Possible!!

In order to produce exact genetic replicas of the Major Oak, we had to take cutting material from the tree.

  • Growing from acorns of the Major Oak would not have produced an exact genetic copy.
  • With full co-operation & funding from Nottingham County Council, we were able to take cutting material from the tree (see picture left.)


Getting cuttings to root from the Major Oak is impossible by conventional means.
  • We therefore nurtured the plantlets in test tubes on a sterile medium under laboratory conditions, until they began to root.
  • This process is called Micropropagation and we believe that the Major Oak is the oldest specimen to be propagated in this manner.

Once roots have developed sufficiently on the plantlets, they are weaned off into cell trays in our own compost mix.
  • The Oaks are then grown through various stages for 2 to 3 years on our nursery to form strong & healthy saplings.
  • With invaluble assistance from Nottingham University, the research & development process has taken 15 years to complete.
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