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A very warm welcome to our site!

Urgent appeal - we're still looking for tables, can you please help? (due to the recent strong winds, two of our tables sadly suffered from broken legs and are now being held together with superglue and hope!)

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Fundraising Activities!

Some of our regular readers/visitors have asked us to keep them up to date with any fundraising events, so I'll stick them here for all to see then move them to another page once it's over.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions with regards to details. 

There is only one current fundraiser, Scootie McCarrot, I'm sure he'd appreciate being woo'd by someone on Valentines day......:


This is the famous traveller, 

Scootie McCarrot!!!


You could have the opportunity to meet this lovely bun and help him to make money for C.A.R.R.O.T. and our friends at the Ebony Eyes retirement home for bunnies in deepest darkest Wales. 


Scootie is a fine ambassador for the bunnies, he's polite, tidy, handsome, cuddly, quiet and he loves to travel.  So far he's been a V.I.B. and had access to a very special tour bus and a very special holiday to Canada.  You can make an appointment for the pleasure of his company too, he loves going to weddings, parties, christenings, days out, holidays, picnics, visits, or just chilling with friends. 


Find out how you can get to meet him and raise much needed cash for the buns too, visit Scootie's site here





What C.A.R.R.O.T. is all about...

C.A.R.R.O.T. (Care And Rehoming Rabbits Of Tayside) is a non-profit, all volunteer rehoming and educational centre, entirely supported by donations.  We limit our intake to no more than ten at any one time, as we believe in quality care and attention for all rabbits in our premises. We both have other commitments and Jim is also a DJ, therefore in order to spend quality time with all the buns we limit our number of 'inmates'!  Holidays are also a rarity as we don't like to impose the responsibility of the rabbits on other people, although we do have some reliable experienced bunny owners who are willing to board or foster buns for a short time.  If anyone else would like to offer boarding or fostering services, please get in touch.

Should there be anyone who is having problems rehoming their rabbit, although we may not be able to take the rabbit into our care, we will advise on advertising and rehoming. 

On this site, you will find adoptable bunnies looking for loving homes (all prospective adopters will be home checked), as well as links for care, health, toys, litterbox training, and loads more!

C.A.R.R.O.T. is based in Arbroath, Scotland.  Our main aim is to rehome unwanted pet rabbits (both houserabbits and outdoor ones).  C.A.R.R.O.T. is dedicated to helping homeless bunnies, educating owners to prevent abandonment and improving the lives of companion rabbits.

Most people are unaware of the problem of abandoned/unwanted pet rabbits, or how to properly care for pet rabbits. 

According to statistics:

  Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK

  Unfortunately rabbits are also the most neglected pet in the UK, according to Rabbit Charity statistics there are over 33,000 unwanted pet rabbits in rescue centres throughout Britain.  This number doesn't include the pet rabbits which were stupidly released into the wild by irresponsible owners who had grown bored with them

  Many pet rabbits die at a young age due to health problems arising from their owner’s lack of rabbit care knowledge ie. dental problems, diet problems, stress, and in the case of does - cancer of the reproductive organs

When someone adopts a rabbit from us, we normally ask for a donation.  The money raised from donations goes towards helping with the costs of medical care for the rabbits.  As you can imagine, very few of the buns we receive have been neutered or vaccinated.  We usually have to have this done when they come into our care.  The costs are:

Spay for a female rabbit - £70.00

Castration for a male rabbit - £45.00

Myxomatosis vaccination - £10.00

VHD vaccination - £15.00

which means that for each bun we take in, it costs us in the region of £95 (doe) and £70 (buck).  Sometimes the buns may already be vaccinated and/or neutered before they come in, but not often.

Other general treatment ie. mite problems, eye problems, check ups, teeth problems, xrays, blood tests etc. anything from £5.00 to £100.00 sometimes more.

We therefore respectfully ask for a minimum donation of £30.00, although any amount is appreciated.  However, if you win the lottery - please remember us!

We are also constantly looking for people to assist by fundraising.  We have a large amount of 'boot sale' items stored but we have been unable to afford the time to go and sell the stuff.  If you live in or near Arbroath and feel you would like to assist us, please get in touch.  Anyone who would like to compile and distribute quiz sheets would be appreciated.  Anyone who would like to do a sponsored hike or silence or cycle or anything else for us, please get in touch!  We always need funds, help us to keep our doors open to neglected and unwanted bunnies.


 This site is updated regularly (by me who's only just learning how to operate the damn thing!) so if there's any errors or a page can't be found, have patience, I'll try and get it sorted as soon as possible

Please visit again.


We hope you will help spread the word about C.A.R.R.O.T. and adopting bunnies!