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Dear All,


Make a note in your diaries. Window dedication Saturday 27 September 2008.


The weekend will start on Friday night meeting at the Red Lion for a meal, book into your room on camp first, I suggest! If you are going to come for the meal on Friday I need to know soonest so that I can get a good rate like last time. If you would rather stay at the Red Lion I need to know so that I can also try to get a good rate. Let me know your intentions as soon as possible, so I can plan and book numbers.


The accommodation, for us who stayed for last years triennial was great, in the newly refurbished sports accommodation block. It was only 10 per night for a large single room with sink and shared bathroom, the block opposite the Burnettt Gym. I hope to book this block for us this year.


The plan for Saturday, as we discussed last weekend, will be breakfast in Henderson Mess, Church Service and Window dedication followed by an informal lunch. I thought perhaps Halton House for a beer and sandwich whilst quite sober!!!. Afternoon looking at old records down at the Airfield, if possible, the Museum and workshops/Kermode, or something else -to be arranged. The suggestion, from Min, is a meal in Henderson Mess in the evening, quality and price. I'll arrange sale or return drinks from Majestic Wine warehouse to accompany the meal or BYO, what do you think? Let me know?


I need to know numbers as soon as possible guys so I can plan. Perhaps we all want to stay at the Red Lion and eat there? Maybe stay at the Holiday Inn on the Weston Turville road?


I don't know who is aware, but Cass Singleton is in the dock again with his recurring back problems, I am sure we all wish him well and a speedy recovery. That said he has offered to do a lot of the organising for us, so I must apologise now for any crossed communication lines. Please rest assured that we are on top of it all and it will happen - and happen well I'm sure.