Welcome to my site. This site contains information about my experiments with PICAXE microcontrollers.

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Site philosophy:

These projects are purely for my own interest and enjoyment. I've no problem with you copying any of my ideas and welcome any comments or suggestions by email to the address below.

My interests mainly lie in trying to get the most out of the minimum components and at least cost, and thinking up novel ideas. I believe the elegant and simple solutions are the best - it's all too easy to buy the big module that does it all !

Any general PICAXE questions are probably better raised to the excellent PICAXE internet Forum, although I will try to help if I can.


  • PICAXE is a trademark of Revolution Education Ltd 
  • My projects wouldn't have happened without the encouragement of my wife, who pushes me to fulfil my interests.
  • I'm also indebted to the PICAXE Internet Forum and the many people that daily share advice and ideas.


Author: Jeremy Leach


Page last updated: 7/6/2006