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A new and fresh talent is Sam Beer. Ambitious contemporary songwriter, immersed in his craft, he is a folk singer who sings for the youth of today in the same vein as Davy Graham and Bob Dylan. On being introduced to the world of folk and blues music, he found excitement and commitment. Aware of an English scene that overflowed with a quality to match that of America: “I was always mesmerised by the American Delta blues, the crackle of the recordings, and the rich voices. But it never occurred to me to sound American when there were the likes of Bert (Jansch), Davy Graham and Richard Thompson.” At 21 he took a year out and bought a dobro guitar. His music career began playing lap steel and bottle neck guitar in drinking spots that rocked to the blues. A year later he paid off his college debts by busking in the streets of London, and doing the acoustic circuit. He captivated audiences by imitating and covering his favourite acts. 2004 was the year Sam discovered and began to develop his own voice. This led to his now prolific song writing. A unique singer songwriter with one self released EP, ‘Carrier Pigeon’, selling around the country, 2005/6 sees Sam Beer recording with his newly formed band, and touring extensively, to the delight of his devoted audience. “an astonishing debut…a songwriter ahead of his years” (