The Council provides social services for children and adults with a learning disability.

If you or a member of your family have a learning disability and are new to the area or do not think the Council knows you need social services help, it is important to register with them.


Children and Families’ Advice Centre
Ley Street House
497-499 Ley Street

Tel: 020 8708 5353 Fax: 020 8708 5352

The Children and Families’ Advice Centre is the ‘point of first contact’ for anyone requesting assistance, support or with concerns, on the welfare of children or young people living in Redbridge. Basic information will be given on social care services provided by the Council. They will also assess families on whether they meet the eligibility criteria for assessment and a service from the Children and Families’ Service.

Appointments can be made 9 am. – 1 pm. and 2pm - 4pm Monday – Friday by telephoning the Advice Centre.

Children with Disabilities Team
Station Road

Te: 020 8478 3020 ex. 87529 Fax: 020 8478 9475
Minicom: 020 8551 9965

The Children with Disabilities Team is accessed through The Children and Families’ Advice Centre. It provides assessments of need and services to meet the needs of children with a disability. The team work with children with a disability, their parents, carers and siblings and offer support, guidance and counselling. It also prepares reports for the education statementing process and assists young people preparing to leave school through liaison with adult services in order to plan for future service needs in adulthood.

COMMUNITY CARE (Adult Services.)

Community Care Advice Centre
Aldborough Road North
Newbury Park

Tel: 020 8708 7360 Fax: 020 8503 8198 Minicom: 020 8597 2126

Social Services for adults with a learning disability can be accessed through the Community Care Advice Centre. The office is open for personal callers from 8.30 am. – 5.00 pm. Monday to Friday.

The Learning Disability Service
852 Cranbrook Road

Tel: 020 8478 3020

The Learning Disability Service carries out assessments and produces care plans to meet identified needs. Some service users will have in-house services, some will use services provided by external providers and some will have a combination of both. People may also be assessed for supported housing. Referrals can be made to G.P’s or other health services. They also provide access to the Community Support Team and The Supported Lodgings Scheme, see page 31 for details.

Older Family Carers Project
98-100 Ilford Lane

Tel: 020 8478 1451 Email:
Contact: Penny Smith

This is a project, which is able to provide information and support for carers over the age of 65.
This is a partnership between the London Borough of Redbridge and Redbridge Forum. (see page 40 for details).


To access services an assessment has to be carried out, against an agreed set of criteria. You will need to contact one of the specialist teams we have listed through the Community Care Advice Centre to obtain an assessment.

The client and the carer will be involved in the process to determine levels of need and how this can be met. A care plan is then agreed and arrangements for services are put in place.

Carers are usually assessed with the people they care for but can request a separate assessment.

To meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and their families the local authority itself provides a range of services from a number of different centres.


13 Granville Road
Essex, IG1 4RU

Tel: 020 8554 2888 Fax: 020 8554 5401

Provides residential short breaks, family based short breaks, day care service, home care service, young carers project and theatre workshops. Referrals to Indigo are made through the Children with Disability Team 020 8478 3020 ex. 87529. General information may be obtained from the project.

If you have been assessed as needing a service you can get a Direct Payment instead of getting a care service from your local authority Social Services Department. (see page 11 for further details).

There are a number of Family Centres locally; offering a range of services for all children and their families needing help and support. They are as follows:

Albert Road Family Centre
53 Albert Road

Tel: 020 8708 9132 Fax: 020 8514 1733

Services provided by the centre include: Day Care, Outreach Work, Support Groups, English as a second language, Parenting Course, Fathers Group, Baby Massage Group and Baby ‘drop in’ group. Other services are offered. For further information call the centre. A leaflet is available.

Thackeray Drive Family Centre
Thackeray Drive

Tel: 020 8590 6353 Fax: 020 8597 7339

Services offered include Family Day, Family Residential Unit (all families are referred to this service). Other services offered are Day Care, outreach work, toy library, English classes and more. For more information call the Centre. An information leaflet is available.

Woodford Family Centre
Liston Way
Woodford Green

Tel: 020 8505 6559 Fax: 020 8502 9144

The Woodford Family Centre run a playscheme for children with disabilities during most school holidays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for children under 8 years old.
Children who attend have to be assessed through the Children with Disabilities Team. Telephone 020 8478 3020 ex.87529. (See page 5). Other services offered include Day Care, Community Groups, Parents Course and a Support Group for parents who have a child with special needs. For more information call the centre. An information leaflet is available.


The local authority provides day services for adults with learning disabilities at the following centres. You can contact the centres directly to find out more information or arrange a visit, but a referral would need to be made through the Community Care Advice Centre, Tel; 020 8478 3020, (See page 6) for details.

Chadwell Centre
161 Gresham Drive
Chadwell Heath

Contact: Bridget Mudd (Manager)
Tel: 020 8597 7401

Activities offered both on and off-site include sport, recreation, leisure, education and training, occupational therapy, arts, crafts and information technology.

Mulberry Lodge
47-50 Mulberry Way

Contact: Marion Mac Innes (Manager)
Tel: 020 8551 4719

Mulberry Lodge is a day service for people with a profound learning disability who may also have a physical disability, sensory loss or behaviour that challenges the service. This unit has fifteen places, which provides opportunities to develop primary living skills through individual programmes.
Some of the activities offered are ;- Shopping, cooking use of local café/restaurants, body care, creative, gardening, computers, table top activities, sport, soft play, multi-sensory, music, physiotherapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and outings to places of interest.

Woodbine Clubhouse
25 Woodbine Place
E11 2RH

Contact: June Phillips (Manager)
Tel: 020 8708 7402/3 Fax: 020 8708 7404

Woodbine gives people with learning disabilities the opportunity to take part in a range of daytime projects. The activities fall into three main areas which are: Recreation, leisure and sport; Development and education; Employment and job skills (this includes work experience in the Café project on site). Support is given to access facilities in the community.

The council produces a number of Leaflets that give further information about specific services and how to access these:

The following leaflets are available from the Children and Families’ Advice Centre; also translations into the following languages, URDU, HINDI, SOMALI, PUNJABI. GUJARATI, BENGALI.

Leaflet 1 The Children and Families’ Service
Leaflet 2 How to contact us
Leaflet 3 Adolescents Services
Leaflet 4 Children with Disabilities Services
Leaflet 5 Family Centre Services
Leaflet 6 Fostering and Adoption Services
Leaflet 7 Assessment for Children & Families’ Services
Leaflet 8 Information Exchange for CWD/Special Needs 0-18 years

Also available from the advice centre are the leaflets..

“The Children with Disabilities Team.” And “The Children with Disabilities Team Occupational Therapy Service.”

The following leaflets are available from the Community Care Advice Centre, 020 8478 3020 (see page 6); also available are translations into the following languages, URDU, HINDI, SOMALI, PUNJABI, GUJARATI, BENGALI.

Leaflet 1 Community Care in Redbridge
Leaflet 2 Assessment for Community Care Services
Leaflet 3 Help to become more independent at home
Leaflet 4 Help to get around more easily
Leaflet 5 Help for Carers
Leaflet 6 Residential Care
Leaflet 7 Community Meals
Leaflet 8 Charges
Leaflet 9 Redbridge Mobility Card Scheme
Leaflet 10 Help and Advice for People with HIV and AIDS

A user-friendly leaflet entitled “Your Community Care Assessment explained for people with a learning disability” is also available from:-

The Learning Disability Service
852 Cranbrook Road

Tel: 020 8478 3020

As an alternative to receiving a care service from your local authority you can get a ‘Direct Payment’. This is when you get the money to arrange your own support. You are in control and can arrange who supports you, how they do it and when.

A free guide is available from the;
Department of Health
PO Box 410
LS23 7LN

Or fax; 0990 210 266 and ask for Code DPG/E
Or is on the internet at;

This guide is also available in other languages, in Braille and on tape.
If you are interested in receiving a Direct Payment contact Social Services through the Community Care Advice Centre (details on page 6)

The Independent Living Project
98-100 Ilford Lane

Tel; 020 8553 3163
Contact: Nafees Ali

The Independent Living Project in Redbridge provides a support service for people taking up Direct Payments. The Project is open on Tuesdays, from 10am to 3pm