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=== Face & body Therapies ===
Hopi ear candles £26.00    
 (a soothing and relaxing treatment with many benefits for the ears)    
Spray tan                                                                            from £21.00    
 (fake bake is the UK's leading professional brand in sunglass tanning)    
Full body exfoliate £29.00    
Proscription facial £31.00  
Express facial £23.00  
Microdermabrasion £41.00  
Aromatherapy facial £36.00  
New Dermisonic facial (includes Dermieye, Dermineck and Dermisonic) £60.00  
New Dermisonic facial and Bio Magnetic Mask (over 40s) £80.00  
Add the Dermieye or Dermineck to any facial for an extra £10    

The machine combines LED light therapy and ultrasonic sound waves, with the application of facial creams, it helps the product penetrate at a deeper cellular level resulting in a radiant, healthy and hydrated skin complexion, this unique and powerful technology helps to promote cell renewal, repair and helps address key skincare concerns.
Stimulate blood circulation
Aids lymphatic drainage
Increases cell metabolism
Cleanses away toxins
Tightens and tones
Refines large pores
Improves skin texture
Clarifies acne and skin blemishes
Lightens dark under eye circles
Fades scars, freckles, age spots and redness.

The Bio Magnetic Facial combines the LED Dermisonic with a bio magnetic mask designed for the over 40s, it encourages cell renewal, removes dull, dead and dry skin cells, deep cleans pores to remove residue and toxins, reduces fine lines and wrinkles by drawing on the power of magnets in tandem with the body’s own natural electric energy, bio magnetic power stimulates the growth of fresh new cells allowing skin to appear plumper, fresher and more vibrant and creates dramatic improvement in skin texture.
Dermineck and Dermieye. A unique design that works on smart vibration technology to help relax the neck/ eye muscles and firm the skin resulting in smoother, silkier skin. And reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

Buy a course of 3 treatments and receive 15% off the total price
*Not valid with any other offers
*Not valid with Caci or skinbase treatments
must be paid in full on the first treatment (the 3 treatments must be the same)    

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