=== Waxing ===
Half leg 15.00 Underarm 10.00
3/4 leg 18.00 Half Arm 14.00
Full leg 22.00 Full arm 19.00
Bikini 13.00 Chest                           from 5.00
High bikini 15.00 Abdomen                     from 5.00
Brazilian 23.00 Back 23.00
Hollywood 25.00 Full body wax               from 65.00
Waxu intimate hot wax 30.00    
Lip or chin 7.00 Full leg and bikini or underarm 30.00
Lip and chin 11.00 Full leg and Brazilian 37.00
Sides of face 10.00 Full leg and Hollywood 39.00
Full face                          from 15.00 Full leg and Waxu intimate hot wax 44.00
Half leg and bikini 25.00 Full leg underarm and bikini 37.00
Half leg underarm and bikini 32.00 Bikini and underarm 20.00
Introducing a salon-grade express intimate wax. Luxurious, long lasting and unbelievably comfortable. It's professional waxing like you've never felt before so why not make your next wax a waxu. 
Buy a course of 3 treatments and receive 15% off the total price
*Not valid with any other offers
must be paid in full on the first treatment (the 3 treatments must be the same)    

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