SEPAG has been set up by a group of expatriate Ethiopians in Western Europe to promote the external and internal advancement of Southern Ethiopian people in exile and those internally displaced, through social, cultural and economic development.

The group is a registered Charity in England and Wales whose charity registration number is 1070812.

Our objective is to relieve the need, hardship, distress and sickness of Southern Ethiopian refugees and those internally displaced people and their dependants by providing gifts in kind or grants of money and services, and by advancing their education.

Since its establishment, SEPAG has managed to overcome the problems arising from the lack of resources. It has campaigned to gain local community support, at the same time establishing links with its community members wherever they are. SEPAG has demonstrated a large impact produced from the smallish amount of support it gets. Until now, the work of SEPAG has been to identify our community members and their needs.

SEPAG has sent fact finding mission to areas such as the Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Europe and America, where most refugees and displaced people live. The aim was to assess the immediate and future needs of the refugees and internally displaced peoples. The findings were used to design plans of action, and to prepare identified project proposals for submission to potential funders. We have decided that SEPAG's projects should cover the following:

Membership of SEPAG is open to all who support our aims

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