GB7LF was placed into service on Sunday afternoon, 17/5/09 as intended in a stand alone repeater mode.

So far coverage seems to be working as predicted.

Only using a 0dBd end fed dipole at present with reduced ERP of about 6W instead of 10W. Will be boosted at a later date when a 4 stack collinear with about 5dBd gain can be installed at the site.

Repeater radio is a Tait T800 series 1 modified for GMSK modulation and interfaced with a Satoshi GMSK DV adapter which currently provides stand alone repeater capability. Can be interfaced with an Internet connection to provide linking with other systems via suitable software. The radio system uses a single antenna linked via a duplexer to the radio RX and TX antenna ports

Receive the repeater on 439.5375 MHz and TX to it on 430.5375 MHz with a D-Star equipped or compatible radio.

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An NoV has been issued by Ofcom in December 2009 to provide an Internet link via a simplex DV gateway. It is hoped to get this into service in the first quarter of 2010 depending on weather conditions to erect the necessary yagi link antenna. More detail will be provided when the Internet gateway system is operational.