For access the repeater requires a carrier with 110.9Hz CTCSS sub audible tone (tone H) on the input frequency of 434.950MHz with the repeater output frequency of 433.350MHz (RB14) to prevent interference from GB3MR users on the same frequency. After which it will relay the incoming FM signal audio until the carrier + CTCSS drops. A sequence of two pip tones follow and the repeater can be re-enabled to relay audio with carrier + CTCSS at any time during this period. If no signal is received after the second pip tone the repeater closes down 5 seconds later.

The repeater gives a callsign beacon transmission every seven and a half (7 1/2) minutes at high deviation if the repeater is not in use and low deviation if it is. There is no time out on the repeater logic. The repeater provides 110.9Hz CTCSS on TX with valid incoming received signals until approx 500msec after the signal drops. This provides a quieter environment for the user by removing reception of the beacon transmissions and some noise, plus helps in preventing unwanted reception of other repeaters on the same channel.

As of 6/01/2004 the repeater has been linked to an IRLP Internet gateway, node number 5140 provided by G6CRV. This allows linking of the repeater to other locations world-wide on the IRLP system, controlled by a user DTMF keypad.