Reasoning Research in the Geosciences

This is the entry page for the geo-reasoning discussion forum. The forum was originally hosted by Yahoo and this can now be accessed on

Because a number of users had difficulties registering or accessing the forum, we decided to move it to JISCMAIL, a service provided in Britain for academic discussion lists.

You may find this at or you may sign up by email. All subscribers of the Yahoo list on 17 Sept 2003 were automatically transferred to the new list. Other users will need to sign up individually to the JISCmail list.

For email interaction with the list, you may use the following commands:-

Documentation of how to use the list commands is located at

Web archives of messages are held at

There are many other lists on JISCMAIL which might be of interest to users of the geo-reasoning list. You can find a full list, and sign up to them, at

Other sites that you may find of interest, discussing reason and rationality in science:- (others to be added in due course...)