Blues Songs to Download

Wednesday 2nd Dec I am going to be hosting a Blues Jam in the Station Pub ( upstairs) FREE Admission

As you all know since The Sutton Blues Collective stopped having its jam nights we now need another 
outlet for us all to play or listen to some blues.

This night however is going to be a bit different from how the SBC ones used to work.

There will be a top of the range Bose P.A system and all playing will be amplified.

The plan is to get people jamming together, so be prepared to sit in with others and to have others sitting in with you

Bring along your own instruments and leads.

You can bring your own Guitar amps if needed.

There are just a few rules, 1) Sutton has plenty of open mic nights available to it already, this is a Blues Jam so it has to be blues if you are playing. 2) Jamming etiquette is important. 3) have fun playing 
So, if you like the sound of things and would like to come along and play a few songs or even just to join in with others thats fine, or if you are not a player and would like to come and watch everyone else playing that is fine too.

Ok, a few things to help the night run smootly 

If you intend to play a song bring along a printed sheet of the lyrics and maybe a sheet of paper with the chord progression on it so others that are joining in can see what you are playing. ( there will be sheets available on the night that you can use to do this if you don't bring your own) or download and print this one 

* Do a google search on Jamming Etiquette to get an idea of what you need to know but don't worry too much about what you should or shouldn't be doing because this is our first jam session like this and we will all be learning what works and what doesn't 

If you would like any more info you can email or call me. email is better if possible because its not always easy to answer calls on a busy work day.

07976 301 914