Mooch - Train Klang

We're back in the TD Zeit/Electronic Meditation era.

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It's just the one huge track ...
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1. Train Klang                 71:12

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"Train Klang" is a single 71 minute track featuring Steve Palmer on keyboards,
guitar and bass ably supported by Nick Toone (monochord, gliss guitar), Dave
Dilliway (audio generator) and Erich Z. Schlagzeug (drums). The music is knitted
together by the eerie sounds of Dave's audio generator, reminiscent in places of
Hawkwind's DikMik, which run through most of the work. Various train and railway
sounds augment this foundation, evoking a strange European landscape perhaps 
of the early 1970's. Nick Toone's cosmic gliss guitar and monochord expand the
work, and there are mood-altering inserts from a drums/bass combination,
primitive organ and mellotron, and a central section of multiply echoed electric
guitars. It makes for a haunting trip that will find fans amongst those enamoured 
of the very early Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze albums, and those
into the more abstract side of Mooch: a kind of new kosmische musik.