Erich Z Schlagzeug's Mooch II - Green Glow

In 2010 Erich Z. Schlagzeug created the themes that form the "Green Glow" album, but he and 
Stephen Palmer, so different in temperament and musical inspiration, went their separate ways 
soon after its conception. Erich Z. Schlagzeug says, "My version of the album is the real version. 
The idea was to create a trio of long compositions based on the rhythms of my drumkit, over 
which five melodic themes would play. These themes go through a number of variations as the 
work progresses. But Mooch is no longer the preserve of Stephen Palmer, and so I have created 
the true version of the band, Mooch II." The album features contributions from new Mooch cohort 
Dave Dilliway on all three tracks. Dave's input was notable on Erich's debut album "Krieg," and 
here he continues to work with the drummer

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Tracks ...
1. Green Glow Part 1
2. Green Glow Part 2
3. Green Glow Part 3

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Here's the "original" Mooch version


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