Welcome to the website of the Stonham Aspal Road Safety Group.

Stonham Aspal is a small village in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. Like many rural villages, Stonham Aspal suffers from a large amount of heavy traffic passing through every day. The volume of this traffic has increased significantly over recent years and has begun to pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians; a problem that is made worse by the narrowness of our public path-ways.

The Road Safety Group was setup in December 2010 following a number of very serious incidents where lorries mounted the pavement and narrowly missed pedestrians (mainly mums walking their children to school).

Our aim is to make Stonham Aspal a safer place to live, by...
(a) implementing traffic calming and anti-speeding measures along the main road (A1120)
(b) widening existing pathways and keeping them clear
(c) opening up new, safer pathways away from the road
(d) trying to reduce the number of heavy lorries that pass through the village every day

This web-site keeps you informed of progress in all of these campaigns. The minutes and actions from all our meetings can be found on this site, as well as ways of contacting the group.