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Public Sector Services

Ace Language Services' professional staff are highly competent in developing and implementing programs that serve our public sector clients. We apply our many years of public service experience and comprehensive understanding of public policy to each task or program, while working closely with our client to achieve their particular goal or objective. The many Ace services can be provided separately or in any combination as a broad-based program.

Building upon years of expertise in both government and technology, Ace Language Services assists public agencies to streamline their operations by implementing technology-based solutions that suit their particular needs. we have many years experience working with organisations such as Voluntary Organisations, Social Services, Courts, Health Organisations, Solicitors, Police, Councils etc.

Private Sector Services

Working with private sector organisations to support and promote their endeavour in the public sector arena, Ace Language Services provides many services that are tailored to meet our clients' specific objectives.

Community Outreach: For issues that require community backing, Ace can assist in programs designed to reach the necessary target groups. We tailor each program to accommodate the underlying issues and any sensitivity specific to the community.

Regulatory Issue Resolution: Utilising our working relationships with company officials and their staff, along with our community knowledge and experience, Ace works on our clients' behalf to resolve problematic regulatory issues. These efforts may be provided on an on-going basis, or in response to a specific issue.

Media Relations & Strategic Communications: Message development that reflects our clients position is a key component of our practice and is vital to any advocacy effort. In advancing our client's position regarding one or more public policy issues, Ace Language Services will develop electronic, print, video and/or audio communications that are precise in meeting the specific objective. Working with either paid or earned media, we are budget conscious and efficient in our approach.

Crisis Management: In the face of controversy, a public challenge or grievance, an investigation, or any number of other challenges, Ace Language Services is adept and nimble at assisting with a communications strategy that will mitigate damage and promote a positive image for our clients. We anticipate ramifications and remain on-call during times of crisis through to resolution.


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