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We handle all European languages; two byte languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese; and languages that flow from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. Whatever your language requirement, please ask us for a quotation.

We calculate our rates by the page, depending on the complexity of the layout (graphs, tables, figures, pictures, etc), the format in which we are working and the languages involved.

Being equally happy to adapt source language artwork or create new artwork from scratch, our typesetters work on windows platform.

If you will be supplying source artwork to us with the ultimate aim of printing the adapted result, please bear in mind the following suggestions:

  • Are the page sizes correct? Margins should ideally be a minimum of 5.5mm from page edge.
  • Are all the images correctly in place? Ideally, to preserve colour and clarity, any photos should be saved as eps or tiff files. 300dpi (at 100% of the size) is reckoned to produce the clearest image for printing.
  • Have the images been converted in a package like Photoshop to cyan, magenta, yellow and black in preparation for the printing process?
  • Have all postscript and truetype fonts been supplied?

Our experts work in a variety of formats, including Quark, PageMaker, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop, Page Plus, FrameMaker, CorrelDraw, PowerPoint, Word, and many other packages.

Completed artwork can be returned in an appropriate file format – such as eps, hi-res PDF or tiff – or as camera-ready copy, laser copy, film or bromide.


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We have worked closely with a number of printers over the years, and have therefore managed to secure very competitive rates - savings which we pass on to our clients.

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