It is a fact that good facilities do not make a good artist; but equally an Art Studio should, where possible, enjoy good daylight and be conducive to concentrated working undisturbed.  I am very fortunate in having excellent facilities (and grown up children!) that could only be bettered if the studio had northern light.  Northern light is considered the optimum for an artist.  The floor space is 32' x 16'.

Above and below you can see the drawing board used for when Remarque pencil drawings are added to our Limited Edition Print range.  This is a sterile area and no chemical are used here except hand (brush) applied liquid fixative.  This easel originated from the design office of the Armstrong Whitworth aircraft company in Coventry; and so its aviation heritage continues.  Daylight lamps are used to ensure that the short winter days do not preclude work time - this is particularly important during the shorter winter months.

Research and Administration is conducted in one of two available PC workstations.  Print sale details are kept in triplicate to ensure that the integrity of each numbered example is assured.  The main purpose of this PC is to access online data and imagery although we do also have a traditional library of reference books.

The primary work area is a Swedish (Nike) hydraulic drawing board that really is perfect for purpose.  The stereotypical image of an art studio being an almighty mess does not apply do this studio, which is more akin to an medical operating theatre.  Having a single stand on the drawing board makes the area easy to vacuum.  A simple consideration, impossible with regular (four legs) drawing boards.  The stainless steel trolley is a former medical trolley; so chosen because it is easy to clean, and all paints being used during a work in progress, are retained on this trolley.  This makes colour matching a relatively simple process as the 'ingredient' paint is the same as previous days work.  Any reference books applicable to the work in hand are stored on board the workstation trolley.  At night; this tucks away nicely to the left of the drawing board.

Natural Daylight is essential - but must be controlled.  Too much and it glares off the canvas; too little and it is virtually impossible to work.      Early in 2016 we upgraded from a single Velux window that had sufficed for over a decade, into three such windows.  The difference is incredible; and as both opaque and semi opaque blinds are fitted, we have total control over available light.  This is for sure the icing on the cake despite it being Eastern light due to the orientation of the building.  You can see already that we enjoy an open plan that is a pleasure to work in.

Looking north you can see that our light comes from the East (right) and West.  The northern end is our library and all of those books are about Aircraft or Art.  This area includes a comfortable sitting area and doubles up as a photograph studio when required - usually in winter. A Mabef M04 easel maybe seen on the right:- This is only used to display work - I do not paint at an easel, preferring instead the drawing board which can be tilted according to choice.  In the centre can be seen one of two print storage cabinets and a trimmer lives on that work surface.  The large blue thing is a duster:- the studio really is kept clinically clean.

 Outside we are converting an historic building dating from 1734 into an Art Gallery to facilitate open house days that visitors can enjoy without any commercial pressure to purchase goods.  If I had to list in order the best things about being an Artist; the public interaction especially from people whose family history can be seen in my work, comes right up at the top.  When this is opened to the public, I look forward to enjoying conversation over a coffee/tea with visitors.  It will also provide a perfect setting for handing over original paintings to our clients.

For scale, the window dimensions are 6' x 3', and it is a two story building with opposing doors and windows.

I hope you enjoyed looking through the keyhole of my Art Studio.  Although the Gallery is not yet ready for use; visitors wishing to view original paintings, or a Limited Edition Print are always made welcome by appointment. 

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