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In addition to amp sales we also repair and service new and vintage tube and solid state amps, as well as other electronic musical equipment. If you have any questions email us or call us on 0207 916 5933

Fender USA - 1954 Tweed Bassman - All valve - 4x10" - Rare!

Fender USA - Deluxe 112 like New!
Marshall UK - 100 watt super lead MK II Plexi re-issue
Marshall UK - JCM800 100W Bass Series
Marshall UK - JCM900 1x12" 100W! Massive sound in a small package
Marshall UK - 75 Reverb - Great sounding small combo
Marshall UK - 100W Lead and Bass - Solid state head
Other Valve Amps:
Andy's Custom Valve amp - Great small valve combo
Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 - Great all valve with a wide range range of sounds
Echoplex Tape Delay - Great Condition - Rare!
Selmer UK - Thunderbird 50 - Great sounding Late 1960s valve amp, new grille cloth but otherwise original
Selmer UK - All Purpose 30 - 1970 (SV Period styling) 30w Valve Combo
Vox UK - AC30 Top Boost head - with Reverb - Early 1970s "Vox Product" model *SOLD*
3 1/2 Watt Head - Awesome Mini Tube Amp - Crank it for stunning overdrive
Framus - Red Rogue - German Custom Made 50w Valve Amp
Schaller KV18 - valve combo
Crate - Stealth - 100w valve head
Silvertone Twin Twelve - 2 x 12" Jensens. Great condition. (Click here) for photo
Other Amps:
Peavey Pro 112 - Small Combo
Laney UK - GC80 - mid-size combo
Laney UK - ProSession Reverb mid-size combo
Laney UK - World series 120R mid-size combo
Lab Series - L7 4x10" - Gibson and Moog (Norlin) designed amp as used by B.B.King
Line 6 - AX2-212 combo - Digital Modelling amp totally customisable presets for custom sounds
Page - G65 - mid-size combo with a great retro look and sound
Selmer - 30ss - mid-size combo
Sound City - Pro Artist 30 - mid-size combo - with Alnico speakers

2 x Roland- 1970's Jazz Chorus JC-120 - the ULTIMATE clean sound!

Gibson Lab series 100watt 2 x 12 (click here) for photo

Gibson Lab series 100watt 4 x 12 (click here) for photo

Marshall - Bass State 150 - 150w Combo with Valve Driven Preamp - 15" Speaker
Peavey - TK0115 - 75w Bass - 15" Speaker
Peavey - ED300 - Electronic Drum Combo - Works great with bass - 300W
Peavey - Basic 50 - 50w Bass combo amp
In addition to the amps listed we always have a few extra items in the shop such as P.A. Heads, speakers, mixers and multi-track recorders. We also stock a range of Hiwatt practise amps and Tanglewood acoustic guitar amps. Please contact us for more details.