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Critical Corn was the first bait that we developed after finding that the other imitations of sweet corn were just lookalikes and not accurate imitations, they either floated or sank too quickly.

Critical Corn is made from a neutrally buoyant material that sinks very slowly in water.

When Hair Rigged or Side Hooked the Critical Corn behaves very similarly to Real Corn and Wafts about on the Lake / River bed and doesn't need to be pinned / weighted down by additional Split shot or putty.

On it's first tesing session the Critical Corn accounted for 6 carp between 40 and 55lb......... and numerous smaller fish to 37lbs.

Currently available in 4 Colours : Corn Yellow, Strawberry Red, Fruity Orange and Visible Black.

If you wish to flavour the Critical Corn just leave to soak in a Dip / Flavour, the Flavour will penetarte the Critical Corn and be released when fished.
Recommended Rigs :
Hair Rigged - Many combinations........ the choice is yours!
Use to 'TOP' a Boilie to give Extra Visual Stimulation
Side Hooked