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Mimiks Maggots are probably the most lifelike imitation maggots available.
Made from a Super Soft Material that is close to the density of Real Maggots the Mimiks Maggots fall gradually in the water when hooked by a small size 18 hook.

As the Mimiks Maggots are made from a Super Soft material they can be used in many ways. The most common is to just lightly hook the maggot on a small hook. Other uses include threading several onto a Hair Rig, used on a Korda or Fox Maggot Clip and threaded onto the shank of a hook to make a 'Mag Aligner' presentation.

Available in 3 colours : Natural White, Red and Bronze.

If you wish to flavour the Mimiks Maggots just leave to soak in a Dip / Flavour, the Flavour will penetarte the Mimiks Maggots and be released when fished.
Recommended Rigs :
Hooked Lightly on a Small Hook
Threaded onto a Korda Maggot Clip with 'Mag Aligner'
'Mag Aligner' with Boilie on Hair