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Mimiks Worms are probably the most Lifelike Imitation Worms available.
Made from a Soft Material that is close to the density of Real Worms the Mimiks Worms fall gradually in the water when hooked.

There are 5 different size worms per pack. There are 2 small Red Worms, 2 small Lob Worms and a Large 4" Lob Worm. Fish them as you would a normal worm making sure not to mask the hook point.

In an independent review the Mimiks Worms produced takes from 7 species in a single session.

If you wish to flavour the Mimiks Worms just leave to soak in a Dip / Flavour, the Flavour will penetarte the Mimiks Worms and be released when fished.
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Hooked Lightly so not to mask hook point.