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Mimiks Hookers are Imitation Soft Hooker Pellets made from a Neutrally Buoyant Soft material. When hooked with a small hook the Mimiks Hookers fall in the water at a rate very similar to that of the loose feed pellets.

The Mimiks Hookers can be side hooked or Hair Rigged to give your prefered presentation.

There are 4 mixed sizes per pack :

If you wish to flavour the Mimiks mixers just leave them to soak in a dip / flavour and the flavour will penetrate the material and release when fished.

Available in 'Coarse Pellet Brown' to start but COMING SOON : Strawberry Red, Betaine Green, Tutti Orange and Sweetcorn Yellow.
4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
Side Hooked
Hair Rigged 6mm - Size 16 Hook 5lb Mono