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Mimiks Bread Flake is an Imitation of the Fluffy Centre from a Loaf of Bread. There are 2 varieties Sinking and Floating. Both types are made from a Soft Material that is easy to hook.

To use just Tear Off the Required Size of Flake to match your Hook Size and hook making sure Not to Mask the hook point.

The Sinking variety will need to be 'dunked' into the water to remove any trapped air from within the Bread Flakes Structure. Once this has been done the Bread Flake will fall slowly in the water and be irresistable to fish swimming past.

If you wish to flavour the Mimiks Bread Flake just leave to soak in a Dip / Flavour, the Flavour will penetrate the Mimiks Bread Flake and be released when fished.
Floating Bread Flake Side Hooked