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Mimiks Pinkies & Squats are probably the most lifelike Imitation Pinkies & Squats available.
Made from a Super Soft Material that is close to the density of Real Pinkies & Squats the Mimiks Pinkies & Squats sink gradually in the water when hooked by a small hook.

As the Mimiks Pinkies & Squats are made from a Super Soft material they can be used in many ways. The most common is to just lightly hook the Pinkies & Squats on a small hook.

Available in Pink and later in the year 'Discos' a Mix of Fluoro Colours.

If you wish to flavour the Mimiks Pinkies & Squats just leave to soak in a Dip / Flavour, the Flavour will penetarte the Mimiks Pinkies & Squats and be released when fished.