A building under scaffolding. awaiting essential repairs which AMS have advised on.
A Victorian school in York which the AMS helped to save.
Historic cow houses complete with stalls.; from one of Dr RW Brunskill's many articles on vernacular architecture in AMS Transactions.
A medieval shopfront - featured in our lecture series on 'Shops and Shopping'.

Defending Historic Buildings

Registered Charity No: 209605

The roof at Beverley Minster, Yorks.hire -  featured in Volume 44 of AMS Transactions.
Llandeloy Church, Pembrokeshire -  owned by our sister charity,, the Friends of Friendless Churches and featured in Volume 45 of the AMS Transactions.
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Fine medieval stone carving. - AMS defends secular and non-secular historic  buildings.
Whitley Sunday School, West Midlands.  AMS tried, unsuccessfully to get it listed.
Simple vernacular workers' cottages -  the type of historic building AMS is regularly consulted on.
AMS is interested in  buildings of all ages and all types. - including modern interiors such as this.