A Victorian school in York which the AMS helped to save.
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Historic cow houses complete with stalls.; from one of Dr RW Brunskill's many articles on vernacular architecture in AMS Transactions.

Listed Buildings Threatened by Applications to Demolish In 2012

(The Ancient Monuments Society is a mandatory consultee on applications to demolish listed buildings in whole or part in England and Wales.)

These statistics cover England and Wales but not Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The total number of listed buildings subject to applications to demolish was 30. The total number of listed buildings subject to applications to demolish in Wales was 4.

Each entry takes the following format::

i) Town / County as applicable.

ii) Name and address of building.

iii) The grade of listing is given: I, II* or II.

iv) The month in which the AMS was informed of the application.

v) The date of the building if known.

Then the code indicates:

C - Application submitted by Council

CC -Application submitted by County Council

F -Application wholly or partly prompted by fire damage.

R - Building threatened by a road scheme

Rp -Proposal for "replica" Facade after development.

Finally the result of the application, if yet determined, is given.


AMESBURY ( Wilts )
"Stables", Lime Tree Cottage, Flower Lane : 11 ; March ; early 19th cent

CARDIFF, Glamorgan
Stable Block, Insole Court, Fairwater Rd CF5 ; 11(curtilage ) ; 1855 : May

1-7 Cowgate Hill, CT17 ; c.1820 ; 11; Aug

Norman King P.H. Church St ; 11 ; thatched ; of mixed date ; F (2011); 2012 applic, Sep to delist what survived ; Yes

Police HQ, telecommunications mast Aykley Heads ; 11 ; 1970 ; now to be resited

FLAMBOROUGH, Yorks ( East Yorks )
Danes Dyke Farm ; Sep ; 11 ; already demolished as dangerous

FROXFIELD, Hants ( East Hants ) Edward Barnsley Workshop, Cockshott Lane ; 11; cl1900 ; resite across road

144 Kensington Park Rd : 11 ; 1870 ; Rp Demolish all but front façade

KIVETON, S.Yorks (Rotherham)
Colliery Buildings : 11; 1938 ; June

Shell Centre, 2-4 York Rd London SE1: 11 ; demolish Hungerford, York and Chicheley Wings and resite Grade 11 listed Franta Belsky Fountain.

K6 telephone kiosk , Tai Bach Cwmdu ; 11 ; remove

LONG STRATTON, Norfolk (South Norfolk) Icehouse, Ice House Court : 11 : early 19th cent ; dome has collapsed : applic to delist the remains

LOUGHOR, Carmarthenshire
Loughor Viaduct : 11, by Brunel ? Feb. Rare design in timber

Former Baptist Chapel, Stow Hill :11; 1862; Sep ; Rp keeping façade only

ORFORD, Cheshire ( Warrington )
Farm Building, 57a and 59 School Rd : 11 : 18th cent ; F ; Yes to delisting

14 Broad St ; 11 ; late 18th cent, partly rebuilt after War ; Rp, keeping façade

RIPON, Yorks ( Harrogate ) Ure Bank Maltings ; 11 ; Feb ; mid 19th cent

Masbrough Chapel, College Rd : 11 ; late 18th century : No ; building was later Demolished as "dangerous".

SHEERNESS, Kent (Swale)
Working Mast House ; 11*; 18th cent ; Feb

1902 wing, Jessops Building, Leavy Greave Rd : 11 ; Sep ; Yes

SOUTHFLEET, Kent (Dartford) Black Lion P.H. Red St : 18th cent : March: F

Barn, Lee’s Farm, Lees Hill : 11 ; 18th Cent : F ; applic to delist remains

SUNDERLAND, Tyne and Wear
51 High Street ; 11 ; Jan ; late 18th cent; Rp – demolish all but front façade

SUTTON, Oxon ( West Oxon ) Tudor Cottage, Eynsham Rd : 11 ;’ 17th cent ; 11; Jan ; F

Cowshed/Byre, Llanilid Farm, Thomastown : 11 ; c1800 ; Rp ; June

TREETON, S.Yorks (Rotherham)
Mill House : 18th cent ; 11 ; gutted

28-30 Seymour Street, W1 : 11 ; March ; c.1780

WHITBOURNE, Herefordshire
The Hole : 11 ; 17th cent timber frame ;Largely collapsed ; delist

AMS is interested in buildings of all ages and all types. - including modern interiors such as this.
Whitley Sunday School, West Midlands. AMS tried, unsuccessfully to get it listed.
Fine medieval stone carving. - AMS defends secular and non-secular historic buildings.
A building under scaffolding. awaiting essential repairs which AMS have advised on.
The roof at Beverley Minster, Yorks.hire -  featured in Volume 44 of AMS Transactions.
A medieval shopfront - featured in our lecture series on 'Shops and Shopping'.

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