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The Friends of Friendless Churches and Ancient Monuments Society operate a joint membership scheme, so you can become a member of both Societies for just one subscription.

Click here if you wish to purchase membership as a gift.

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Please choose membership type UK (£) Overseas (£)
Individual Member 30 35
Institutional Member 30 35
Senior Member (over 65) 20 25
Junior Member (under 25 & F/T Students 20 25
Joint Members (two people at the same address) 35 40
Life Member 700 700
Senior Life Member (over 65) 450 450
Joint Life Members 900 900

Increase the value of your subscription at no cost to you.   

I wish the Ancient Monuments Society to treat all donations and subscriptions I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise as Gift Aid donations. (You must pay an amount of Income Tax and /or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that the Society reclaims on your donations in the appropriate tax year.)

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I wish to apply for membership of the Friends of Friendless Churches (reg charity no: 1113097) and the Ancient Monuments Society (reg charity no: 209605) and I am in agreement with their aims and objects. I also agree to pay to the Friends of Friendless Churches an amount of up to 1 if the company (Friends of Friendless Churches Company No: 1119137) is wound up while I am a member or for up to 12 months after I have left the Charity. By typing in my name in the space after the words 'electronic signature', I hereby certify that the same is thereby certified to be a valid means of establishing the authenticity of my signature within the meaning of Section 7 of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

(If joining as joint members please give the name of the first person named above , under whose name the Gift Aid will be claimed.)

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This should take you through to the Charity Choice website where you can make a payment to the Ancient Monuments Society for your subscription equal to the rates listed above, however if this link does not work please send a cheque to the office

The free service offered by Charity Choice helps us to reduce our costs; payment is taken by their secure servers and forwarded to our bank account.

Thank you for your application.


The Ancient Monuments Society is a
Registered Charity No: 209605.

Registered Office:
St Ann's Vestry Hall, 2 Church Entry, London EC4V 5HB
Telephone: 020 7236 3934 - email:

The Ancient Monuments Society works in partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches