A Victorian school in York which the AMS helped to save.
Defending Historic Buildings
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Historic cow houses complete with stalls.; from one of Dr RW Brunskill's many articles on vernacular architecture in AMS Transactions.

Download the AMS letter to the Chancellor (May 2012) requesting the Government to reverse the decision to remove the zero rating of VAT on approved alterations to listed buildings, as announced in the Budget.

(The letter is a pdf file, which you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view - if you dont have Adobe you can download it here.)

Notes for Editors
  • The Ancient Monuments Society was founded in Manchester in 1924.

  • Since 1968 we have been recognised as a National Amenity Society, which means we are notified of applications for listed building consent in England and Wales, involving whole or partial demolition.

  • We are unique amongst the Amenity Societies because we campaign for, and study, buildings of all ages and all types. This means we can step in where others cannot.

  • We prevent unnecessary destruction, promote sympathetic conversion and champion sensitive new design in historic settings.

  • We also help to shape Government policy and conservation best practice by commenting on consultations and publishing our response.

  • Each year we publish a list of applications for total demolition, as well as three Newsletters and a volume of Transactions.

  • The Society has a particular interest in churches, and works in partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches.

  • We have over 2,000 members, many of whom are professionals in the field of architectural conservation, planning, art, architecture and history.

For more information please contact the office on 020 7236 3934 or email us.

AMS is interested in buildings of all ages and all types. - including modern interiors such as this.
Whitley Sunday School, West Midlands. AMS tried, unsuccessfully to get it listed.
Fine medieval stone carving. - AMS defends secular and non-secular historic buildings.
A building under scaffolding. awaiting essential repairs which AMS have advised on.
The roof at Beverley Minster, Yorks.hire -  featured in Volume 44 of AMS Transactions.
A medieval shopfront - featured in our lecture series on 'Shops and Shopping'.

The Ancient Monuments Society is a
Registered Charity No: 209605.

Registered Office:
St Ann's Vestry Hall, 2 Church Entry, London EC4V 5HB
Telephone: 020 7236 3934 - email: office@ancientmonumentssociety.org.uk

The Ancient Monuments Society works in partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches