A Victorian school in York which the AMS helped to save.
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Historic cow houses complete with stalls.; from one of Dr RW Brunskill's many articles on vernacular architecture in AMS Transactions.

As well as campaigning on behalf of historic buildings, the AMS was founded to promote the study of architectural history and conservation. Our Transactions (TAMS) have been published in hard copy, and distributed to members each year since 1953. In 2006 we compiled a full list of all articles published which is reproduced here.

Libraries with a complete set of the Transactions include: The British Library, the Royal Institute of British Architects Library and the Society of Antiquaries (all in London) and the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales (although the latter is missing volumes 1953-5, 1974 & 1993). Each year the Transactions is also deposited at the usual copyright libraries.

How to order back copies

To order your publication(s) please print off and complete a Publications Order form (download pdf) and send this together with a cheque or postal order made payable to the Ancient Monuments Society, to our office, address as below. Postal charge rates do change from time to time so if in doubt please e-mail or contact the office on 020 7236 3934 for confirmationof the cost

Only a selection of volumes from this index may be ordered directly from the Society; however do check with the office (by email: membership@ancientmonumentssociety.org.uk) just in case - even though a volume may be shown as 'out of stock', we do occasionally receive donations of back issues and may be able to fulfil your order.

Each year the Transactions, and three Newsletters are mailed free as a benefit of membership (only 30 per annum), so as well as studying this page you may also wish to investigate joining the Society.

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Volume 1: 1953

out of stock


'The Training of Architects and Craftsmen in the Protection and Repair of Ancient Monuments' by Dr William A. Singleton
'The Care of English Churches' by Francis C. Eeles
'Conway' by John Swarbrick
'The Historic Churches Preservation Trust' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'Domestic Architecture of Herefordshire' by F. C. Morgan
'The Roman Villa at Great Weldon, Northamptonshire' by David Smith
'Old St Peter's Church, Thurso' by John B.Gair
'Monuments in Sound' by Noel Boston
A Note of the York Summer School and Courses
'Sale New Hall, Cheshire' by Edmund Ogden
The Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, York by Rev J.S. Purvis
'The Deserted Medieval Villages of England' by M.W. Beresford
'An Old Watchmakers Shop' by F.A. Bailey



Volume 2: 1954

out of stock


'The Conservation of Ancient Monuments' by Professor A.E. Richardson
'Gawsworthy Old Rectory', the Home of Raymond Richards, Chairman of the Society
'Old Buildings, Problems and Challenge' by John Harvey
'Pele Towers of the Border' by Henry Hornyold-Strickland
'The Loss of our Panelled Rooms' by R.W. Symonds
'Historic Churches' by W.I. Croome
'The Abbot's House and Deanery of Westminster Abbey' by Lawrence Tanner
'The English Country House - Some Problems of Preservation' by Dr William A. Singelton
'The Lumley Monuments at Cheam' by Herbert Dunk
'Cuzco' by G.H.S. Bushnell
'Shropshire' by the Very Rev D.H.S. Cranage



Volume 3: 1955

out of stock



'The Preservation of Church Monuments' by Sir James Mann
'Cathedral Innovations: James Wyatt, Architect at Durham Cathedral, 1795-97' by Prof. R.A. Cordingley
'Town Planning and Historic Buildings' by Ivan Boileau
'The Gawsworthy Armorials' by the Rev William Edgar Clarke
'Some Welsh Historic Buildings' by Iorwerth C. Peate
'Recording English Architecture' by Walter H. Godfrey
'Fashions in Fitments: Changes in Cathedral Furniture' by Gerald Cobb



Volume 4: 1956

out of stock



'England's Tribute to the Architects and Craftsmen of France' by John Swarbrick
'Staunton Harold, Leicestershire & Foremark, Derbyshire - Two Laudian Gothic Churches Now Under Restoration' by Louis Osman
'The Victorian Restoration of Wells Cathedral Church (Barnard M.S.)' by L.S. Colchester
'Henry, Ninth Earl of Northumberland and Syon House, Middlesex, 1594-1632' by G.R. Batho
'False Fronts in Minor Domestic Architecture' by A. Arschavir
'Ice-Houses' by Francis W.B. Yorke
'The Banbury Region - Minor Domestic Architecture before 1600' by Raymond B. Wood-Jones
'The Sneyd Collection of Music' by Thomas B. Pitfield



Volume 5: 1957

out of stock


(An entire volume devoted to:)

'The Manor of Gawsworth' by Raymond Richards


Volume 6: 1958

out of stock


'The Restoration of Gorhambury' by the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Verulam
'Medieval Design' by John Harvey
'A Short History on the Old Hall, Highgate Village, London' by C.R. Osborn
'The Grange, Fulham and its Neighbourhood, 1713-1957' by W.A. Eden and Marie P.G. Draper
'A Timber-Framed Town House in Manchester' by T. L. Marsden
'Conservation of Old Buildings - A Select Bibliography' compiled by John Harvey


Volume 7: 1959

available to purchase


'The Reconstruction of Warsaw Old Town, Poland' by Prof William A Singleton
'St Mary's, Sandwich, in the Middle Ages' by Ivor Bulmer-Thoma
'The Conservation of English Wall Paintings' by E. Clive Rouse
'Chorley Hall Cheshire' by Prof R A Cordingley and R. B. Wood-Jones
'A Monument Afloat in Portsmouth Harbour. The Story of the TS "Foudroyant" late HMS "Trincomalee", built in Bombay in 1817' by George P. B. Naish
'The Barrel Organ' by Canon Noel Boston


Volume 8: 1960

available to purchase


'Greenwich' by Prof C. C. Lloyd
'St Mary's, Sandwich, after the Reformation' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'Palladian Gibbs' by Howard E Stutchbury
'The Dispersion of Furniture and Fittings Formerly Belonging to the Churches in the City of London' by R H Harrison
'The Battle of Mons Graupius' by David Henderson-Stewart
'Early Meeting Houses' by H Godwin Arnold



Volume 9: 1961

out of stock



'Kedleston' by the Right Hon. The Viscount Scarsdale
'The Origin of Official Preservation of Ancient Monuments' by John H Harvey
'Timber-Building in Essex: Some Evidence for the Possible Origins of the Lap Dovetail' by Cecil A. Hewett
'The English Heritage of Stained Glass' by L.M. Angus-Butterworth
'British Historical Roof-Types and Their Members: A Classification' by Prof. R.A. Cordingly (including 'A Classification'; 'Classification Diagrams', 'Glossary and Index to Diagrams', and 'Measured Drawings of Historical Roof-Types')


Volume 10: 1962

available to purchase


'The Anniversary Address at Blenheim Palace' by David Green
'Restoration Work at Blenheim Palace' by Thomas Rayson
'Manor House Farm, Donington-le-Heath, Leicestershire' by T. L. Marsden
'St Mary's, Sandwich, in Later Times' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'The Clay Houses of Cumberland' by R. W. Brunskill



Volume 11: 1963

out of stock



'The Anniversary Address: Westminster School' by John Carleton
'Dovecotes of East Lothian' by D.C. Bailey and M.C. Tindall
'Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield'
'The Norman Structure of Leominster Priory Church' by J.T. Smith
'The Architecture of William Butterfield, 1814-1900' by J.P.H. House


Volume 12: 1964-5

out of stock


'The Anniversary Address: Heaton Hall, Manchester' by G. L. Conran
'The Old Deanery, Salisbury' by Dorothy Todd
The Historic Buildings Council for Wales - The First Eleven Years' by the Marquess of Anglesey
'Inscribed Stones in Dunbartonshire' by R. W. B. Morris
'The Tithe Barn, Arreton, Isle of Wight' by J. E. C. Peters
''The Excavations at Winchester' by R. N. Quirk
'Plas-Ucha, Llangar, Corwen' by Peter Smith and Ffrangcon Lloyd
'Plas-Uchar in Cymmer: A Historical Note' by L. A. S. Butler



Volume 13: 1965-66

out of stock but reprint of Brunskill available to purchase


'The Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick' by Rear Admiral S.A. Pears (Master of the Hospital)
'A Systematic Procedure for Recording English Vernacular Architecture' by R.W. Brunskill (reprint)


Volume 14: 1967

out of stock



'Regency Brighton' by Antony Dale
'Ancient Pictish Monuments in Angus and Perthshire' by L.M. Angus-Butterworth
'Lowther Village and Robert Adam' by R.W. Brunskill
'The Cup-and-Ring Marks and Similar Sculptures of South-West Scotland by Ronald W.B. Morris



Volume 15: 1968

volume and reprint available to purchase


'The Donjon at Pembroke Castle' by Derek F. Renn
'Vitruvius and Acoustic Jars in England during the Middle Ages' by Kenneth Harrison
'Capel Ffynnon Fair, Denbighshire' by C. Wright (reprint)
'Highcliffe Castle, near Christchurch, Hampshire' by J. H. Powell


Volume 16: 1969

out of stock


'The Anniversary Address: Restorations in the Temple Church, London, with Notes on Middle Temple Hall' by D. Lewer
'The Temple Precinct in the Days of the Knights Templar' by Marjorie B. Honeybourne
'The Cup-and-Ring and Similar Early Sculptures of Scotland; Part 2, The Rest of Scotland except Kintyre' by Ronald W. B. Morris
'The Geometry of Cup-and-Ring Marks' by A. Thom
'The Dating of French Timber Roofs by Henri Deneux: An English Summary' by Cecil A. Hewett
'Wall Paintings at Pembroke College, Cambridge' by Denys Spittle
'Conservation of Old Buildings; A Select Biography' compiled by John Harvey
'Sources of Financial Help for Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest' compiled by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas


Volume 17: 1970

out of stock but reprint available to purchase


'The Calf of Man Crucifix' by L. M. Angus-Butterworth (reprint)
'Minster Abbey, Thanet' by Brian R. Fagg
'The Preservation of Venice' by Sir Ashley Clarke
'Redundant Churches' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas


Volume 18: 1971

out of stock but reprint available to purchase


'The Anniversary Address: Eton College Buildings' by Peter Foster
'Norse Sculptured Stones from Papil, West Burra Isle, Shetland' by L. M. Angus-Butterworth
'The Guesten Hall Roof, Worcester Cathedral' by F. W. B. Charles
'Newton Hall, Hyde, Cheshire. A Cruck Frame' by T. L. Marsden
'The City of London's Historic Streets' by Marjorie B. Honeybourne
'Sonic Booms' by the Marquis de Amodio (reprint)



Volume 19: 1972

out of stock



'The Anniversary Address: H.M. Tower of London' by Major General W.D.M. Raeburn
'Roomed and Roomless Grain-drying Kilns: the Hebridean Boundary?' by John Mercer
'East Shefford Church, Berkshire, and its Wall Paintings' by Mrs Eve Baker
'What Price the Cathedrals?' by John James
'York City Council's Proposed Inner Relief Road: the Evidence of William A. Eden on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Society at the Department of the Environment's Public Inquiry'
'The Care of Monuments in Italy by Gisberto Martelli: translation from the Italian' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas



Volume 20: 1973

out of stock but one reprint available



'The Anniversary Address: Greenwich: Palace, Park and Town' by V.D. Lipman (reprint)
'Early History of the Ancient Monuments Society' by L.M. Angus-ButterworthM
'North Street, Cromford, Derbyshire' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'The Open Air Museum: Idea and Reality' by J.R. Armstrong
'The Ecclesiastical Exemption, I, Origins' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas



Volume 21: 1975-76

out of stock but two reprints available




'Fiftieth Anniversary Address' by the Rt. Hon. A. Crosland, M.P., Secretary of State for the Environment
'A Cruck Barn at Hendre Wen, Llanrwst, Denbighshire' by Eurwyn Willian
'The Architectural Topography of South-east England' by R. T. Mason (reprint)
'Aisled Timber Halls and Related Buildings, chiefly in Essex' by C. A Hewitt (reprint)
'L'evolution des quartiers centraux des villes francaises anciennes' by J. Beaujeu-Garnier
'Canonbury Tower, Islington' by P.J. Broomhall
'Recording the Buildings of the Farmstead' by R.W. Brunskill



Volume 22: 1977

out of stock but two reprints available



The Chronology of Crucks by E A Gee (reprint)
'Nunhead Cemetery, London. A History of the planning, architecture, landscaping and fortunes of a great nineteenth century Cemetery' by James Stevens Curl (reprint)
'Early Lancashire Brasses' by Lionel M. Angus-Butterworth
'Un Example de standardisation de l'architecture rurale au XVIII-siecle, Belle-Ile-en-Mer' par Francoise Hamon


Volume 23: 1978-79

volume and two reprints available to purchase


'Anniversary Address at the Guildhall of London' by Caroline M. Barron (reprint)
'Four Monuments at Wentworth' by R. B. Wragg
'Distribution of Building Materials and Some Plan Types in the Domestic Vernacular Architecture of England and Wales' by R. W. Brunskill (reprint)
'The Role of the Civic Community in Central European Urban Development during the 12th-15th Centuries' by Heinz Stoob


Volume 24: 1979-80

volume and reprint available to purchase


'The Anniversary Address: The Architecture and History of the Buildings of Magdalen College, Oxford' by A. D. Saunders
'John Carr, Stonecutter Extraordinary' by W. A. Eden and R. B. Wragg (reprint)
'The Rydal Grotto' by Blake Tyson
'Case Work in 1978-79'
'The Priory, Ditcheat, Somerset'
'Wolfhampcote and its Church' by Lyndon F. Cave
'The Keeper's Lodge in Hardington Park' by Michael McGarvie and John H. Harvey


Volume 25: 1981

out of stock but two reprints available to purchase


'The Anniversary Address; St John's College, Oxford: Its History and Architecture' by H. M. Colvin
'The Building of Syon Abbey' by R. W. Dunning
'John Harvey: A Decade of Letters' by Alec Clifton-Taylor (reprint)
'John Harvey and Garden History' by Richard Gorer
'Bibliography of John Harvey' by L. S. Colchester
'The Ecclesiastical Exemption: II. The Present Position' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'In Defence of Craftsmanship: Casework 1980' by Matthew Saunders
'Quarry Floor Inscriptions at Ecclerigg Crag, Windermere' by Blake Tyson
'Wells Cathedral: Architecture and Conservation' by John Harvey and L. S. Colchester
'Marble Hill House' by Ashley Barker (reprint)



Volume 26: 1982

out of stock



'Anniversary Address at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London' by Dr J.H. Harvey
'Casework, 1981' by Matthew Saunders
'Historic Buildings in Romania and their Conservation' by Gwyn I. Meirion-Jones
'17-19 London Street, Reading' by H. Godwin-Arnold
'Unerigg Hall, Mayport, Cumbria' by Blake Tyson
'Eleanor Vere Boyle (1825-1916) Writer and Illustrator' by Michael McGarvie
'Laughton PLace, Lewes' by John Warren and Charlotte Haslan
'The Parish Church Towers of Somerset' by Dr John H Harvey
'Structural Problems of the Refectory of S. Maria delle Grazie, Milan' by Gisberto Martelli
'Some Old Lancashire Halls' by L.M. Angus-Butterworth
'Vernacular Buildings on Early Maps of the Weald' by Dr E.M. Yates
'Crosby Hall' by W.E. Godfrey
'Ancient Monuments Society Visit to Vienna' by Jeremy Lowe
'Bibliography of John H. Harvey: Additions'



Volume 27: 1983

out of stock



'Anniversary Address at Audley End' by Dr Mark Girouard
'Casework, 1982' by Matthew Saunders
'Venice' by Sir Ashley Clarke
'Somerset Perpendicular: The Dating Evidence' by Dr John H. Harvey (reprint)
'William Thackeray's rebuilding of Rose Castle Chapel, Cumbria, 1673-75' by Blake Tyson
'John Strachey, F.R.S. and the Antiquities of Wessex in 1750' by Michael McGarvie
'Impressions of a Study Tour in Burgundy' by Ian Curry
'Europa Nostra Conference, 1982' by Susan Gold
'The Duckworths and the Building of Orchardleigh House' by Michael McGarvie
'Obituaries: Walter Emil Godfrey; Lawrence King; Raymond Wood Jones.'
This volume also includes an index to Transactions 1953-1982.



Volume 28: 1984

out of stock



'Anniversary Address at Lincoln's Inn' by Sir John Summerson
'Casework in England' by Matthew Saunders
'Casework in Scotland' by John Gerrard
'Edingham Castle, Northumberland' by Graham Fairclough
'William Thackeray and James Swinger at Flatt Hall' by Blake Tyson
'The Reredos which slipped through the net' by Susan Gold
'The Conservation of Historic Gardens' by Mavis Batey
'Home is House and Garden: The Projected Symposium' by John H. Harvey
'Joseph Morris and the Pearl Building, Reading' by H. Godwin Arnold
'The Cross Street Chapel and St. Ann's Church, Manchester' by L.M. Angus Butterworth
'The Mud Wall in England' by J.R. Harrison
'Ancient Monuments Society: Study Visits to Bavaria and Austria' by Mary Cosh, Howard Colvin and Anthony Hartridge
'Study Tour of Normandy' by Dolly Potter
'Obituary: Sir Nikolaus Pevsner' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 29: 1985

available to purchase


'Plas Newydd' by Gervase Jackson-Stopps
'The Menai Suspension Bridge and Britannia Bridge' by Elizabeth Beazley
'Some Churches of Gwynedd' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas
'The Dismantling of Conway Castle' by Arnold Taylor
'An Irishman in Wales: Daniel Beaufort's Journals' by Michael McGarvie
'Llynon Mill, Anglesey' by F. G. Stead
'Beaudesert, Staffordshire' by H. M.Colvin
'The Paget Tomb' by Christopher Harrison
'The Paget Family' by F. S. Andrus
A Sequel to the Capel Letters
'Some Harbour Works in Cumberland Before 1710' by Blake Tyson
'An Architectural Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela' by Ian Curry
'Camino de Santiago' by Margaret Gerrard
'Obituary: Sir John Betjeman' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas


Volume 30: 1986

out of stock


'Two Vignettes' by Marquess of Anglesey and Rev. Henry Thorold
'The Buildings of King's College, Cambridge' by Christopher Morris
'The Display of the Anglo-Saxon Crosses of the Keighley Area' by Mary Faull
'Geometry and Gothic Design' by John Harvey
'A Look at the Development of Theological Education in London and Some of the Buildings' involved by Gordon Huelin
'A Plea for Computerised Listing' by Sir Bernard Feilden
'Vienna from Baroque to Neo Classicism, J.F. Hetzdorf von Hohenberg and His Time' by Susan Gold
'Lord Lyttleton at Hagley Hall' by E. A. M. Bulmer
'The Church and Conservation' by Ken Powell
'Risley Chapel, Lancashire' by Christopher Stell
'Some Recent Discoveries at Llancaeach-fawr, a 16th Century Glamorgan Gentry House' by Jeremy Lowe
'Some Aspects of Whitehaven's Development Before 1700' by Blake Tyson
'Impressions of Two AMS Foreign Study Tours by Ian Curry; The Veneto & Serbian and Macedonian Painted Monasteries'
'A Different Look at Ancient Monuments' by Ben Lloyd
'A Favourite Cathedral, Bourges' by Joan Gill
'Architectural Conservation: An Apology and Historical Perspective' by Matthew Saunders
'Crossbeam' a poem by Glen Cavaliero
'Facadism' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituary: Alec Clifton-Taylor' by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas


Volume 31: 1987

out of stock


'Eltham Palace: Anniversary Address, 1986' by John Charlton
'Ninety Years of the Survey of London' by Hermione Hobhouse
'Kensal Green Cemetry' by Paul Coones
'Moses and Aaron: Two Figures from the Reredos of the Church of St Swithin London Stone' by Clare Graham
'Heating in the late Middle Ages' by Eric Gee
'Brick Nogging in the 15th and 16th Centuries' by John McCann
'Macclesfield Castle' by R C Turner
'The Mansion House, Eamont Bridge, Cumbria' by Blake Tyson
'Medieval Architecture in Transylvania' by John Harvey



Volume 32: 1988

out of stock



'St Mary's Hall and the Medieval Architecture of Coventry: Anniversary Address 1987' by Richard K. Morris
'The Recording of Threatened Buildings: an Aspect of the Work of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England' by Nicholas Cooper
'Zacs, Oxford: The Restoratioon of 26, 27 Cornmarket Street and 26 Ship Street' by F.W.B. Charles
'Contrasts and Parallels: two Conservation Case Studies: Greenhill and Thorpe Hall' by Anthony P Rossi
'An Architectural History of the Gaols and Court-Houses at Appleby, Cumbria' by Blake Tyson
'A Welsh Cruck Barn and the Study of Vernacular Architecture in Britain' by Eurwyn Wiliam
'The Society's Casework in 1986-87: A Sample' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituary: Mr John Parker, C.B.E.; The Hon. Hubert Howard.'



Volume 33: 1989

out of stock, one reprint available



'The Buildings and Treasures of the Society of Apothecaries: Anniversary Address, 1988' by James F. Fisher
'Architectural Records in the Archive of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England' by Stephen Croad
'Morris of Reading: A Family of Architects 1836-1958' by H. Godwin Arnold and Sidney M. Gold (reprint)
'Some Clay Dabbins in Cumberland: their Construction and Form - Part I' by J.R. Harrison
'Galletting' by W.R. Trotter
'The Library and Master's House (1687) at St Bees School, Cumbria' by Blake Tyson
'Evidence for an Intermediate Stage between Earth-fast and Sill-mounted Posts' by C.A. Hewett
'The Society's Casework, 1987-8, some Examples' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituaries: Miss D. Marion Grant; Lieutenant-Colonel Cedric Hall; The Earl of Harrowby; Mr Graham Hutton; Lady Mander; The Duke of Northumberland; Miss Anne Roper; The Duke of St Albans.'



Volume 34: 1990

out of stock




'The Medieval Churches of Bristol: Anniversary Address 1989' by J.H. Harvey
'The R.C.A.H.M. Wales in my Time 1949-1989' by Peter Smith
'Dovecotes in England: An Introduction and Gazeteer' by M.J.A. Beacham (reprint)
'Some Nineteenth-Century Inscriptioons at Kirkby-in-Furness, Cumbria' by Blake Tyson
'Minarets of Damascus' by John H. Harvey
'Monstrous Carbuncles and All That: the Extension and Adaptation of Historic Buildings, 1988-9' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituaries: Mr George Buchanan; Dr E.A. Gee; Mr C.S. Martin; Monsieur Bertrand Monnet; Miss Elizabeth Rawson.'



Volume 35: 1991


out of stock



'The History of Charterhouse and its Buildings: Anniversary Address 1990' by E.E. Harrison
'Some Clay Dabbins in Cumberland: their Construction and Form Part II' by J.R. Harrison
'An Historical Enquiry into the Design and Use of Dovecotes' by John McCann (reprint)
'Galletting: An Addendum'
'Nonconformist Chapels: the Conservation Challenge' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituaries: Mrs Eve Baker; The Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce; L.S. Colchester; Dr Vivian Lipman.'

Volume 36: 1992

available to purchase


'The Anniversary Address: The Church of St Augustine and its Builders' by Anthony Quiney
'The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland: The First Eighty Years' by John G. Dunbar
'The National Buildings Record: The Early Years' by Stephen Croad
'Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber, Pembrokeshire: The Story of the First Ancient Monument in Wales' by R C Turner
'Facadism and a Vernacular Farmhouse: An Example in East Yorkshire' by Peter J. Larkham
'The Royal Chapel at Anavarza' by John Harvey
'Dovecotes: An Addendum' (reprint)


Volume 37: 1993

available to purchase


'The Origin of Listed Buildings' by John Harvey
'Listed Buildings: The National Resurvey of England' edited by Martin Robertson
'The Carpentry of Seven Cambridge College Doors' by Cecil Hewitt assisted by Adrian Gibson
'Timber-Framed Early Buildings in Surrey. A Pattern of Development, c.1300-1650' by Joan M. Harding
'The Critical Reception of Inigo Jones' by John Bold
'The Great Screen of All Hallows-the-Great' by Paul Jeffery


Volume 38: 1994

available to purchase


'Ivor Bulmer-Thomas 1905-93: In Memoriam' by The Marquess of Anglesey, John H Harvey, Matthew Saunders and John Bowles
'Wesley's Chapel, City Road, Islington' by Christopher Stell
'The National Resurvey of Scotland' by David M. Walker
'Listing as I knew it in 1949' by John H. Harvey
'Maldon Spire' by T. Elfin Watkin and Cecil A. Hewett
'Morris of Reading: A supplement' by H. Godwin Arnold (reprint)
'The Society's Casework 1993' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 39: 1995

available to purchase


'The Ancient Monuments Society: The First Seventy Years. Anniversary Address, 1994' by Ronald W. Brunskill
'The Absent Dead and Figurative War Memorials' by Catherine Moriarty
'The Inventory and Protection of the Heritage in France' by Monique Chatenet
'11 Downing Street: John Soane's Work for John Elliot' by Richard Hewlings
'Trinity Chapel, Conduit Street, Westminster' by Paul Jeffery
'Some Observations on Descriptions of Parsonage Buildings made in Norfolk Glebe Terriers' by Robin Lucas
'The Friends of Friendless Churches: St John the Baptist, Papworth St Agnes, Cambridgeshire' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 1994' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituary: Lionel Milner Angus-Butterworth.'

Volume 40: 1996

out of stock


'Changing Perceptions - A Temple to Tobacco in Camden Town (Carreras 'Black Cat' Factory)' by Stephen Croad
'Protecting the Fabric and Content of Historic Cathedrals against Fire' by Vincent Shacklock and Alexander Copping
'Buildings at Risk in Greater London' by Delcia Keate
'Planning Policy 15'
(i) 'Planning and the Historic Environment' by Malcolm Airs
(ii) 'Guidance on Alterations to Listed Buildings' by Neil Burton
(iii) 'RCHME and Recording after PPG 15' by Sarah Pearson
'Some Recent Discoveries' by Stephen Croad
'St Mary the Virgin, Llanfair Kilgeddin, Gwent (owned by The Friends of Friendless Churches)' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 1995' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 41: 1997

available to purchase


'Hands off the Abbey! (Westminster Abbey)' by John Physick
'Conservation areas: ideal and reality reviewed' by Peter J Larkham
'German Inventory and Heritage - A fateful genesis from history, politics and science' by Walter Wulf
'Contingent Boundaries - The Channel Tunnel Rail Link considered as an Architectural Ensemble' by John Bold and Simon Grant
'Inventory and Documentation of Historic Monuments in England: Recording the 'Minor Heritage'' by Peter Guillery
'Recent Emergency Recording' by Stephen Croad
'The Old Church of St Peter, Wickham Bishops, Essex (owned by The Friends of Friendless Churches)' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 1996' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 42: 1998

available to purchase


''All asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam'. The social and architectural reformation of Smithfield Market during the nineteenth century' by Ann Robey
'The Long Path to Preservation in The Netherlands' by Marieke Kuipers
'The Strange History of Paper Roofs' by Malcolm Airs
'Johann Blasius Santini-Aichel: a Gothic-Baroque Architect in Bohemia 1677-1723' by Susan Gold
'Cottage Home Villages' by Kathryn Morrison
'Recent Emergency Recording' by Stephen Croad
'St Andrew's Church, South Huish, Devon (owned by The Friends of Friendless Churches)' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 1997' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 43: 1999

available to purchase


'Cherchez le lit: the place of the bed in sixteenth-century French residences' by Monique Chatenet
'Fakenham Gasworks: Over 150 Years of History' by David Watt
'Paradise on Earth: The British Treatment of Mughal Gardens in Delhi' by Judith Roberts
'Ecclesiology in Wharfedale: two incumbents and their churches' by Peter Leach
'The Architecture of Uphlistsikhe, Georgia' by Kakha Khimshiashvili
'The Society's Casework in 1998: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders
'Recent Emergency Recording' by Charlote Bradbeer and Stephen Croad


Volume 44: 2000

available to purchase


''The Church of Beverly is fully repaired'. The roofs of Beverley Minster' by PS Barnwell
'Dovecotes and Pigeons in English Law' by John McCann (reprint)
'The Bath Corporation Act of 1925' by Robin Lambert
'Finsbury Park: The Identification of a Suburban Entity' by John Bold and Charlotte Bradbeer
'Information, Education, Preservation: The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association' by Jo Darke
'Recent Emergency Recording' by Stephen Croad
'Tuxlith Chapel, Milland Church, Sussex (owned by The Friends of Friendless Churches)' by Leslie Lloyd
'The Society's Casework in 1999: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall


Volume 45: 2001

available to purchase


''A Paragon of Lucidity and Taste': the Peter Jones Department Store' by Tony Calladine
'Invention, tradition and a sense of place - John Coates Carter and the church of St Eloi, Llandeloy' by Phil Thomas
'Beverley Minster: some perspectives' by P.S. Barnwell
''RCHME' 1908-1998 A History of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England' by Andrew Sargent
'Recent Emergency Buildings Recording in Wales' by Richard Suggett
'The Friends of Friendless Churches: Lightcliffe Old Church (St Matthew), Halifax, West Yorkshire' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 2000: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall

Volume 46: 2002

available to purchase


Essays for R.W. Brunskill, former Chairman of the AMS and of the Friends.
This volume celebrates the work of Dr R.W. Brunskill, who lives in Cheshire and continues to take an active interest in the work of both Societies.

'Ronald Brunskill' by Dame Jennifer Jenkins
'R.W. Brunskill and the Study of Vernacular Buildings at the University of Manchester School of Architecture' by Frank Salmon
'After the Stamp Collecting: The Context of Vernacular Architecture' by N.W. Alcock
'J.S. Crowther in Manchester' by Matthew Hyde
'Themes and Variations in Merioneth: an Essay on Vernacular Houses for Ron Brunskill' by Peter Smith and Richard Suggett
'The Heritage Lottery Fund's Urban Parks Programme' by David Lambert
'The 'Pevsner 50': Nikolaus Pevsner and the listing of modern buildings' by Bridget Cherry
'List of Published Works' by R.W. Brunksill
'St Leonards Church, Spernall, Warwickshire' by Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 2001: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall
'Obituary: Aubrey Bailey'


Volume 47: 2003

out of stock


'Manchester Synagogues and their Architects 1740-1940' by Sharman Kadish
'A History and Catalogue of the British Riding House' by Giles Worsley
'Planning for a Monument: Dr John King and Charterhouse Chapel' by Stephen Porter
'The Friends of Friendless Churches: St Andrew's, Bayvil and St David's, Manordeifi' by Nigel Yates
'The Society's Casework in 1999: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall


Volume 48: 2004

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'The Presentation of Guardianship Sites' by Anna Keay

'The Absent Figure: on Authorship and Meaning in the Fourteenth-Century Eastern Arm of St Augustine's, Bristol' by Jon Cannon
'Prosper Mérimée and the Rescue of France's Architectural Heritage' by Anthony Barnes
'The Friends of Friendless Churches: Chapel of St Michael, Ayshford, Burlescombe, Devon' by Jeanne James and Matthew Saunders
'The Society's Casework in 2003: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders
'Obituary: Peter Buttenshaw'


Volume 49: 2005

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'The Transformation of the Thames and the Port of London' by Stephen Croad
'Bet Hayim 'House of Life': An Introduction to Jewish Funerary Art and Architecture in Britain' by Sharman Kadish
'Review Article: Estonian Churches' by JT Smith
'Martindale Schools' by Nina Jennings
'The Society's Casework in 2004: Review of Selected Cases' by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall

Volume 50: 2006

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'The Dovecotes of Rutland' by John and Pamela McCann
'The Architectural Patronage of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle (1593-1676) by Lucy Worsly
The Use of Vertical Timber Cladding in Conjunction with the Platford Frame in Urban Scotland during the Sixteenth Century by Bruce Walker
'An Urban Dairy' by Nina Jennings
'Obituary: Susan Dorothea Gold (1922-2005)'


Volume 51: 2007

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'Kew Palace: A Seventeenth-Century Villa Rediscovered by Lee Prosser
'Three Greek Orthodox Churches from Kayseri, Turkey, and the Ethnic Composition of Ottoman Society' by Gonca Buyukmihci, Zuhal Ozcan and Hale Kozlu
'Pedestal Stairs in Eighteenth-Century Britain' by Richard Hewlings
'Jacob Schnebbelie, Draughtsman to the Society of Antiquaries (1760-92), and the Politics of Preservation in late Eighteenth Century England by Matthew M Reeve
'A Brief History of the Friends of Friendless Churches' by Caroline Carr
'Review Article: Reconstructing A Roman Villa' by JT Smith


Volume 52: 2008

available to purchase



'The Architectural Evolution of the Stables at Nostell Priory, Yorkshire' by Anthony Peers
'The Built Heritage of the Balkans: A Rehabilitation Project' by John Bold
'An Account for Repairs to Clay Dabbin' by Nina Jennings
'The Celtic Cuppill and its Implications in Building Construction and Design' by Bruce Walker
The Society's Casework in 2006-7: A Sample of Selected Cases by Matthew Saunders, Frank Kelsall and Caroline Carr


Volume 53: 2009

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'"To take theire plases wheare they shall not offend others"' - the 1635 Re-seating of Puddletown Church, Dorset' by Bob Machin
'Reading as a Gentleman and an Architect: Sir Roger Pratt's Library' by Kimberley Skelton
'Stiff Leadbetter' by Giles Worsley
'"A Maudlin and Monstrous Pile": The Mansion at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire' by Kathryn A. Morrison
The Society's Casework in 2007-8: A Sample of Selected Cases by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall
'Obituary: Christopher Dalton (1941-2008)' by Matthew Saunders


Volume 54: 2010

available to purchase


'Developing Concepts of Conservation: the Face of Bombed Churches after the Second World War' by Peter J. Larkham
'Medieval Muniment Rooms, their Furniture, Fittings and Information Retrieval Systems' by John Steane
'Keeping Pigeons in Parish Churches' by Frank Pexton and John McCann
'East and West Terrace, Hopping Hill, Milford, Derbyshire' by Anthony Peers
The Society's Casework in 2008-9: Selected Cases by Matthew Saunders and Frank Kelsall
Review Article: Palladio Exhibition by John Bold

Volume 55: 2011

out of stock

  In the Footsteps of William of Wykeham: Anglican Priest-Architects of the Nineteenth Century by James Bettley
Nicholas Hawksmoor and the Duke of Kent's Art Gallery at No. 4 St James Square by John Warren
Bewcastle's Waterside Inns by Nina Jennings
Keeping Pigeons in Parish Churches Addendum by John McCann
No Higher Art: Embellilshing Christian Churches in the Modern Age
by Matthew Saunders
Review Article: Mark Girouard by Andrew Saint

Volume 56: 2012

available to purchase


Annual General Meeting 2011
Anniversary Address 2011
Hartlebury Castle, Worcestershire: An Introduction to its Architectural History y Nicholas A D Molyneux
A Tale of Two Barns: Paston and Waxham By Anthony Rossi
Cardigan Castle: Rescue and Regeneration By Edward Holland
The Monument in the City of London: Repair and Discoveries By Judy Allen
Vernacular Stone Architectural Details of the Cotswolds and the Stamford Region compared By Stephen Hart
The Society's Casework 2011: Some Ecclesiastical Cases
A Painting, a Butterfly, a Font and a (G.E.) Street By Matthew Saunders
Obituary: Judith Dorothea Guillum Scott OBE (1917-2011)
Review Article: Paul Drury, Hill Hall By John Bold
Review Artile: Goodall, John, The English Castle By Richard K. Morris
Book Reviews

Volume 57: 2013

Available as a benefit of membership


Annual General Meeting 2012
Anniversary Address 2012: An Introduction to Middle Temple Hall By Robert Hradsky
The Bridge at Berwick-upon-Tweed: Thomas Sutton's legacy By Stephen Porter
The Wool Hall, Lavenham: an episode in the history of preservation By James Bettley
Early Malt Kilns in England By Amber Patrick
The Old Bishop's Palace, Worcester: some observations on its medieval fabric
By Jill Atherton, Richard K. Morris and Tim Tatton-Brown
Pictures in the collections of the Earl and Duke of Kent By John Warren
Paston Barn: Corrigendum By Anthony Rossi
Review Article: Inigo Jones By John Bold
Review Article: Powerhouses By Frank Kelsall
Book Reviews


AMS is interested in buildings of all ages and all types. - including modern interiors such as this.
Whitley Sunday School, West Midlands. AMS tried, unsuccessfully to get it listed.
Fine medieval stone carving. - AMS defends secular and non-secular historic buildings.
A building under scaffolding. awaiting essential repairs which AMS have advised on.
The roof at Beverley Minster, Yorks.hire -  featured in Volume 44 of AMS Transactions.
A medieval shopfront - featured in our lecture series on 'Shops and Shopping'.

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